IP Think Tank Global Week in Review – 23 November 2007

Here is IP Think Tank’s weekly selection of top intellectual property news breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

Highlights this week included:briefs filed in the US Supreme Court in an effort to revive the doctrine of patent exhaustion and another positive step towards a single European patent litigation system.

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  • Reputation and privacy in the online social media world: (IPWar’s),
  • McAfee typosquatting study results and implications: (IPWar’s),
  • Larry Lessig’s comments on how creativity is being strangled by the law: (BLOG@IP::JUR)
  • Two interesting papers on Creative Commons: (CreativeCommons)
  • Friction and ‘Warfighting’: (IP Think Tank),
  • More on the controversy at WIPO over Kamil Idris’ planned departure: (Intellectual Property Watch), (IAM), (Patent Prospector),
  • Global IP Strategy and national differences: (IP Think Tank),
  • Report of the Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications (SCT): (WIPO),
  • IAM and Ocean Tomo to present the IP Business Congress 2008: (IAM),
  • Top 5 reasons not to settle IP litigation: (IP Think Tank),
  • USA, Europe and Japan patent offices have agreed on a single format for patent applications to be accepted by all offices: (IPMenu),
  • Local vs international patent filers in the US, Europe & Japan: (Patently’O),



  • Scope of injunctions in counterfeit cases Brother v Dynamic Supplies: (IPWar’s)
  • Australian government’s discussion paper and call for submissions on the Anti-Coutnerfeiting Trade Agreement: (IPWar’s) ,


  • Wahaha’s lawyers quit in China joint venture litigation with Danone: (China Hearsay),
  • Copyright troll in China (and Tibet): (Danwei),
  • Intellectual Property and China’s answer to SecondLife (HiPiHi): (China Hearsay),
  • Danone obtains court ordered freeze of Wahaha assets in ongoing joint venture dispute: (China Hearsay),
  • The China Model – flaws and perceptions: (The American), (China Law Blog),



  • EU Council Agrees Blueprint For Patent Litigation System: (IP-Watch); (IAM),
  • OHIM releases press release – Tarzan yell musical notation trade mark was granted even though sonogram was refused: (IPKat), (OUTLAW),
  • Wind turbine shape not registrable as a trade mark: (IPKat), (I/PUpdates),




  • Indian patent transparency and accountability: (IP Think Tank),
  • Geographical indications and certification marks – same difference?: (SpicyIP),
  • Moving towards the nano age: (SpicyIP),
  • YouTube (Google) and T-Series copyright dispute: (SpicyIP), (TechWhack),


  • IP Value in Japan – the alternative view: (IAM),

South Korea

  • South Korea has been urged to strengthen its intellectual property rules in order to sign a free trade agreement with the European Union: (Intellectual Property Watch)

The Netherlands

  • Dutch teenager arrested, and another five questioned by police, for allegedly stealing virtual furniture from "rooms" in Habbo Hotel, a 3D social networking website: (IPKat),

United Kingdom

  • Electronic payment method patent revoked for excluded subject matter in Ingenico (UK) Limited v Pendawell 2007 Limited (BL O/331/07): (IPKat), (OUTLAW),
  • Wobben fails to prove infringement and loses some claims in wind turbine patent action against Vestas: (IPKat),
  • Passing Off Claim saves UK trade mark revocation action from stay pending OHIM Cancellation proceedings [Kitfix Swallow Group Ltd v Great Gizmos Ltd [2007] EWHC 2668 (Ch),]: (IPKat),
  • UK Foreign Office breaches Data Protection Act: (IMPACT),

United States

  • EFF, others ask Supreme Court to reinstate "patent exhaustion doctrine": (arstechnica), (Patently’O), (Patent Prospector),
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers sues Showtime: (IPKat), (OUTLAW), (IPLawDaily),
  • USPTO’s annual report and the fallout from it: (IAM), (IPBiz), (The Trademark Blog), (IPR Helpdesk), (Patent Prospector), (Peter Zura), (Patent Docs), (I/PUpdates),
  • USPTO New Continuation Rules – the saga continues: (Patently’O), (PLI),
  • Acacia loses patent case against Microsoft – in Texas: (IPBiz), (IPLaw360) , (Eastern District of Texas), (arstechnica)
  • $160m willfullness verdict against Microsoft and Autodesk upheld on appeal at Federal Circuit (plaintiff was Z4 Technologies Inc.): (IPLaw360), (Patent Prospector),
  • Federal court jury in Texas has found that an Emerson Electric Co. unit infringed a Power-One Inc. patent for power converter technology used in computer and networking hardware: (IPLaw360),
  • Canon – federal appeals court has upheld a preliminary injunction stopping sale of toner cartridges which can be used as replacements in Canon machines: (IPLaw360),
  • Motorola loses patent declaratory judgment battle with Amkor: (IPLaw360),
  • Acacia sues Google for patent infringement: (Patent Troll Tracker),
  • Haute Diggity appeal case, more commentary: (Patry), (Catch us if you can), (IP Law Observer),
  • More on the proposed ban on tax strategy patents: (IPLaw360),
  • Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific sued over stent patents: (IPLaw360),
  • Acacia settles patent dispute with Universal City Studios: (IPBiz), (IPLaw360),
  • Patentability of Business Method Patents in the USA: (IPLaw360), (Peter Zura),
  • CooperVision Inc. and Novartis AG unit Ciba Vision Corp. settle patent infringement suit over contact lenses: (IPLaw360),
  • CAFC upholds ITC finding that Taiwan’s System General Corp. infringed Power Integrations Inc.’s patents for integrated circuits: (IPLaw360),
  • Prince in settlement talks with fan websites over copyright claims: (Copyfight),
  • Apple faces text messaging patent suit: (arstechnica),
  • Expert witness defence fund set up for copyright infringement defendants: (arstechnica),


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