IP Think Tank Global Week in Review – 16 May 2008

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Highlights this week included:


Global – General

Global – Patents

  • Might free IP save the poor from their lot? – Discussion of  T Berg’s paper ‘IP and the preferential option for the poor’: (ISinIP),
  • Patent valuation: differing analytical methods: (Hal Wegner)

Global – Copyright

  • Copyright as an engine of free expression? – Discussion of Neil Netanel’s book ‘Copyright’s parado&xrsquo;: (Techdirt),
  • Derivative works, evergreening and copyright freedom to operate: (IP ThinkTank),


  • 19 May: 4th annual ‘meet the bloggers’ session – Berlin: (IPKat), (Catch Us If You Can!!!),
  • 20-21 May: US ACI ‘In-house counsel forum on pharmaceutical antitrust’ – Maryland: (Orange Book Blog),
  • 26-27 May : EU Workshop for mediators in IP disputes – Geneva: (IPR-Helpdesk),
  • 27 May: Oliver Rivers to give short talk on ‘spurious precision’ – London: (IP finance),
  • 28 May / 11June: US PLI ‘Advanced patent licensing 2008: What you need to know before licensing your patent’ – New York / San Francisco: (Patent Docs),
  • 28-30 May: US Worldwide Business Research: PharmaBiotech IP summit –Philadelphia: (Patent Docs),
  • 29-30 May: EU Advanced workshop for mediators in IP disputes – Geneva: (IPR-Helpdesk),
  • 29-30 May: US ACI ‘FDA boot camp’ conference – San Francisco: (Orange Book Blog),
  • 1-3 June: ACC Europe 2008 annual conference ‘ Becoming a global legal manager: Developing the skills you will need to manage the legal department of tomorrow’ – Madrid: (www.tcp-events.co.uk),
  • 3 June: UCL Institute of Brand and Innovation Law launch seminar on latest developments in UK and European patent, trade mark, and copyright law – London: (IPKat),
  • 3 June: IPRIA/AIPPI Australia free public seminar on the future of the international IP system – Melbourne: (IPRIA)
  • 3-4 June: European Charter conference – facilitating SMEs life! – Brdo: (IPR-Helpdesk),
  • 9-12 June: (US) Strategies for management of IP – Chicago: (IPR-Helpdesk),
  • 16 June / 1 July:US PLI: ‘Prior art & obviousness 2008: The PTO and CAFC perspective on patent law sections 102 & 103’ – San Francisco / New York: (Patent Docs),
  • 17-20 June: US BIO international convention – San Diego: (Patent Docs),
  • 18-20 June / 9-11 July: US PLI: ‘Fundamentals of patent prosecution 2008: A boot camp for claim drafting & amendment writing’ – New York / San Francisco: (Patent Docs),
  • 23 June: US LSI: ‘Multilateral patents’ – San Francisco: (Patent Docs),
  • 23 June: STEP / Committee on National Statistics conference on ‘Intangible assets: measuring and enhancing their contribution to corporate value and economic growth’ – Washington:  (IP finance),
  • 25-26 June: IP Business Congress – Amsterdam: (IP Business Congress 2008),
  • 16 July: US LSI: Patent claim construction workshop – Seattle: (Patent Docs),
  • 21-23 July: EU ATRIP meeting on future of European patent system – Munich: (IPR-Helpdesk),
  • 24-25 July / 11-12 August: US PLI: ‘Advanced patent prosecution workshop 2008: Claim drafting & amendment writing’: New York / San Francisco: (Patent Docs),
  • 11-12 September: US LSI: 4th annual conference on ‘Current issues in complex IP licensing’ – Philadelphia: (Patent Docs),
  • 15-16 September: US ACI 10th advanced forum on biotech patents – Boston: (Generic Pharmaceuticals & IP)

Pharma & Biotech

Pharma & Biotech – General

  • China set to compete in generics market: (California Biotech Law Blog),
  • Europe: Who’s who in the biosimilar space?: (GenericsWeb),
  • Europe: New EBA referral T 1319/04 regarding patentability of known medicament for new treatment of same illness: (IPKat),
  • Europe: Patentability of biotechnology in Europe: (IAM),
  • Europe: New EPO Enlarged Board case referrals: T1319/04 Dosage Regimen, T1242/06 Essential Biological Process: (Hal Wegner),
  • Thailand: Compulsory licensing: Affordable health for Thailand thanks to Matrix Labs: (Spicy IP),
  • Thailand: European Parliament set to reprimand Mandelson for pressuring Thailand on compulsory licensing: (Intellectual Property Watch),
  • US: An analysis of the new written description training materials – Antisense: (Patent Docs),
  • US: An analysis of the new written description training materials – Antibodies to a single protein & antibodies to a genus of proteins: (Patent Docs),
  • US: Court refuses to stay pending outcome of parallel Canadian inventorship litigation re low dose progesterone therapy: (Patently-O),
  • US: Invitrogen does deal with WARF on stem cell patents: (IPBiz), (IP Law360),
  • US: StemCells files second patent lawsuit against Neuralstem in relation to human neural stem cells: (IPBiz), (IP Law360), (Patent Docs), (California Biotech Law Blog),
  • US: ‘Misbegotten preemptions’ as applied to the patent quality issue: (IPBiz)

Pharma & Biotech – Products

  • Actos (Pioglitazone) – US: GPhA files amicus brief in appeal of ‘baseless paragraph IV certification’ case: warns of chilling effect on future patent challenges: (Orange Book Blog),
  • Coversyl (Perindopril) – UK: Court of Appeal slams Servier’s appeal in patent case against Apotex: (IPKat),
  • Coversyl (Perindopril) – Australia: Pharmaceuticals and s 52 Trade Practices Act: Apotex Pty Ltd (formerly GenRx Pty Limited) v Les Laboratoires Servier (No 2): (IPRoo),
  • Depakote (Valproate semisodium) – US Supreme declines to hear Apotex appeal in patent spat with Abbott Laboratories over Depakote: (IP Law360),
  • Keppra (Levetiracetam) – US FTC furthers probe into Mylan’s Keppra settlement: (IP Law360),
  • Lovenox (Enoxaparin) – US CAFC upholds inequitable conduct ruling that found Sanofi-Aventis’ patents invalid due to inequitable conduct in its battle with Teva and Amphastar: (IP Law360), (Orange Book Blog), (Patent Prospector),
  • Plavix (Clopidogrel) – Sanofi, Bristol-Myers battle for Plavix patent in Germany against generic version by Schweizerhall: (GenericsWeb),
  • Precose (Acarbose) – US FDA determines that Cobalt forfeited 180-day exclusivity for generic Precose; Agency is sued yet another time: (FDA Law Blog), (IP Law360),
  • Umckaloabo – Patent related to extraction of anti-bronchitis drug from Umckaloabo (Pelargonium) challenged at EPO on basis of traditional knowledge: (IPBiz), (Afro-IP), (Spicy IP)


  • Ghana / Kenya: Video games collaboration: (Afro-IP),
  • Mauritius: Mauritius, US continue TIFA talks: (Afro-IP),
  • Nigeria: Challenges to IP rights enforcement in Nigeria: (Afro-IP),
  • South Africa: Draft amendment to IP legislation to incorporate traditional knowledge protection: (Afro-IP),
  • South Africa: OMO seizure not whiter than white – The Minister of Trade and Industry & Anor v EL Enterprises & Anor: (Afro-IP)


  • House of Commons budget item – artist resale royalty scheme: (LawFont.com),
  • Passing off and s 52; brand blocking: Ricegrowers Ltd v Real Foods Pty Ltd: (IPRoo),
  • Proving a patent is obvious – traps in briefing experts: (Mallesons Stephen Jaques),
  • FCAFC decision on inventive step and costs: Ajinomoto v NutraSweet: (IPRoo), (IP Down Under),
  • FCA hands down decision regarding shape marks: Global Branding Marketing Inc v YD Pty Ltd: (Australian Trade Marks Law Blog),
  • Construction of patent claims by reference to examples: Nufarm Ltd v Jurox Pty Ltd: (IP Down Under),
  • Leave to appeal refused in GLENN OAKS trade mark case: Scotch Whisky Association v De Witt: (IP Down Under),
  • Logo is a ‘label’ and cannot be used to prevent parallel imports: The Polo/Lauren Company LP v Ziliani Holdings Pty ltd: (IP Down Under),
  • Design novelty and exhibition displays: Chiropedic Bedding Pty Ltd v Radburg Pty Ltd: (IP Down Under),
  • Damages awarded for infringement of design of fashion dress: Review v Innovative Lifestyle Investments Pty Ltd: (IP Down Under),
  • Intersection between copyright and design protection: Digga Australia Pty Ltd v Norm Engineering Pty Ltd: (IP Down Under),
  • No spillover reputation in energy drinks case: Hansen Beverage Company v Bickfords (Australia) Pty Ltd: (IP Down Under),
  • Copyright protection for TV guides: Nine Network Australia Pty Limited v IceTV Pty Limited: (IPRoo), (LawFont.com), (Mallesons Stephen Jaques), (Patry Copyright Blog), (Techdirt),
  • Federal Court practice news – Case management and the individual docket system: (IPRoo),
  • Federal Court practice news – Practice direction: Guidelines for expert witnesses in proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia: (IPRoo)



  • Patent enforcement – Austria: (IAM)


  • Patent enforcement – Belgium: (IAM)



  • Angus raises copyright during question period: (Michael Geist),
  • Official marks: Federal Court confirms clear evidence of use required: See You In – Canadian Athletes Fund Corporation v Canadian Olympic Committee: (Canadian Trademark Blog),
  • The Canadian DMCA delayed again? I’m not so sure: (Michael Geist),
  • Michael Geist speaks to Parliamentary IP Caucus: (Michael Geist),
  • CIRA announces formal revisions to implement new WHOIS policy: (Canadian Trademark Blog),
  • Canadian Association of Broadcasters on using your VCR or PVR: (Michael Geist),
  • Conservatives could face long, hot copyright summer: (Michael Geist),
  • Fair use and media use of Flickr photos: (Michael Geist), (ipblog.ca),
  • Knopf on Getty Images copyright threats to Canadians over use of unlicensed images on websites: (Michael Geist),
  • Federal Court dismisses Johnson & Johnson’s patent infringement claims against Boston Scientific over NIR stents: (IPBiz), (IP Law360),
  • Records indicate government misusing crown copyright: (Michael Geist),
  • France says Canada considering ‘three strikes and you’re out’ ISP policy: (Michael Geist), (Techdirt),
  • Copyright debate between Knopf and Entertainment Software Associated: (Michael Geist),
  • Taylor Wessing study ranks Canadian copyright among best in the world: (Michael Geist),
  • Calm Copyright – new forum for Canadian copyright debate: (Michael Geist)



  •  Supreme Court: No profit, no criminal copyright infringement: (IPKat)


  •  Patent enforcement – Croatia: (IAM)

Czech Republic

  •  Patent enforcement – Czech Republic: (IAM)


  • Patent enforcement – Denmark: (IAM)


Europe General

  • MEPs vote against bigger role for IP in sports: (Out-Law),
  • Education agency complains to EC that Microsoft blocking competition: (Out-Law),
  • Microsoft appeals EU antitrust compliance fine: (Ars Technica), (Out-Law)

Europe Patents

  • FFII: in need of attention or just plain incompetent? – Press release ‘McCreevy wants to legalise software patents via US-EU patent treaty’ : (Innovationpartners),
  • European Inventor of the Year awards and European Patent Forum 2008 films available: (EPO),
  • European Patent Forum weighs usefulness of IP system for climate change: (Intellectual Property Watch),
  • EU presidency hails patent advances, but money could scupper deal: (IAM),
  • European Patent Forum presentations available – Day 2: Patent practice and eco-innovation: (EPO),
  • Enhancing the patent system in Europe: Progress achieved so far: (BLOG@IP::JUR),
  • Happy anniversary for European patent system: (IAM),
  • Recent developments in European cross-border patent litigation: (IAM),
  • How to cope with new claims fees at EPO: (IAM),
  • The changing face of Europe’s patent landscape: (IAM),
  • Patentability of software and business methods in Europe: (IAM),
  • Cost of patent disputes: (IAM),
  • Effects of EPC 2000: (IAM)

Europe Copyright

Europe Trade Marks

  • PGI application for Huîtres Marennes Oléron for oysters: (Class 46),
  • ‘Agricultural’ salt, and cotton, now fit for GI protection: (Class 46),
  • CTM – ‘likelihood of confusion’: Antartica Srl v OHIM: (Ezine @rticles),
  • Jurisdiction – CTM opposition: Advanced Magazine Publishers v OHIM: (Ezine @rticles),
  • CTM opposition – visual: Castellani SpA v OHIM: (Ezine @rticles),
  • Board of Appeal of OHIM publishes overview of selected decisions adopted in 2007: (IPR-Helpdesk),
  • United by a common trade mark, still divided by the languages – CFI rules likelihood of confusion between REVERT and REVERIE: Redcats SA v OHIM: (Catch Us If You Can!!! ),
  • Radicchio di Verona PGI application posted on Official Journal: (Class 46),
  • ECJ rules in favour of CTM applicant, Board of Appeal still rejects applicant’s appeal: Eurohypo AG v OHIM: (IPKat), (Class 46),
  • EFTA Court asked to rule on international exhaustion: L’Oréal Norge AS v Aarskog Per AS & Ors & Smart Club Norge: (Class 46),
  • Lessons from the ECJ on legitimate third-party trade mark use: (IAM),
  • European case law on distinctiveness: (IAM),
  • National offices receive €1.8M from OHIM: (Managing Intellectual Property)


  • Finnish Olympic Committee’s opposition to registration of RUNO-OLYMPIALAISET (translated: poem-olympics): (Class 46),
  • Patent enforcement – Finland: (IAM)



  • DPMA: opposition against international trade marks designating the European Community: (Class 46),
  • Another GPL enforcement success as Skype accepts German Court ruling: (IMPACT),
  • Patent enforcement – Germany: (IAM)


  • Patent enforcement – Greece: (IAM)


  • Patent enforcement – Hungary: (IAM)



  • Patent enforcement – Ireland: (IAM)


  • Brand protection in the Italian and global markets: (IAM),
  • Patent enforcement – Italy: (IAM)


  • New criterion for recognising letters of consent in Mexico: (IAM)


  • IPO to open in Montenegro: will it be this month?: (Class 46)


  • Patent enforcement – Netherlands: (IAM)

New Zealand


  • Norway: a counterfeiting blackspot?: (IAM),
  • Patent enforcement – Norway: (IAM)


  • No risk of confusion between Chanel and Chantal: (Class 46),
  • Trade mark registration in Poland: which route to choose?: (IAM),
  • Patent enforcement – Poland: (IAM)


  • National Institute of Industrial Property: online searches available in English: (Class 46)


  • Protection of well-known trade marks in Russia: (IAM)

Slovak Republic

  • Patent enforcement – Slovak Republic: (IAM)


  • Patent enforcement – Slovenia: (IAM)


  • Patent enforcement – Spain: (IAM)


  • ECJ hands down ruling in Case C-341/07 Commission v Sweden over non-implementation of IP Enforcement Directive: (IPKat),
  • Pirate Bay: MPAA’s $15.4M damage claim a fabrication: (Ars Technica),
  • Patent enforcement – Sweden: (IAM)


  • Patent enforcement – Switzerland: (IAM)

United Kingdom

  • UKIPO: ‘Image guidelines’ for TM3 e-filing: (Class 46),
  • Government orders data retention by ISPs: (Out-Law),
  • Construction of IP contracts: Satyam Computer Services Ltd v Upaid Systems Ltd: (IPKat), (Spicy IP),
  • Set-top box modders sent to prison for providing hacking advisory service contrary to Copyright, Designs and Patents Act: (Out-Law),
  • Strategic Advisory Board for IP (SABIP) members announced: (IPKat),
  • BBC upset that fans are knitting Dr Who characters: (Techdirt), (IPKat), (Electronic Frontier Foundation),
  • Childnet’s copyright advice for the kiddies: (IPKat),
  • Patents Court finds design valid but not infringed: Rolawn Ltd & Anor v Turfmech Machinery Ltd: (IPKat),
  • The UK’s most valuable retail brands 2007 – Intangible Business brand ranking survey: (Class 46),
  • February 2009 adoption deadline for ICO’s new public authority publication scheme: (IMPACT),
  • Patent enforcement – United Kingdom: (IAM)

United States

US General

  • FTI’s 2007 IP statistics: (Philip Brooks),
  • Falling dollar makes US firms more competitive: (IP Law360),
  • De-equitising partners may not boost profits according to experts: (IP Law360),
  • Some boutiques keep thriving despite tough climate: (IP Law360),
  • Patent Attorney Stephan Kinsella presents on why we need to rethink IP: (Techdirt),
  • ‘Science and technology studies and IP law’ conference: (Session 1 – 43(B)log), (Session 2 – 43(B)log), (Session 3 – 43(B)log), (Session 4 – 43(B)log), (Session 5 – 43(B)log), (Session 6 – 43(B)log)

US Patent Reform

US Patents

  • Prof Duffy’s law article may spark patent litigation strategy: (IP Law360),
  • Luncheon seminar by Commissioner Doll on state of the USPTO: (Patent Docs),
  • IPO disagrees with Jon Dudas: (Patent Docs),
  • Multiples – Discussion of New Yorker article ‘In the air: Who says big ideas are rare?’: (Patent Prospector),
  • Going solo – Qualcomm and Nortel’s refusal to sign up for evolving mobile tech patent pact: (Patent Prospector),
  • Judges’ top four pet peeves in patent litigation: (IP Law360),
  • Patent Commissioner promotes hiring push: (IP Law360),
  • Rule changes challenge patent law practitioners: (IP Law360),
  • ITC plays bigger role in patent litigation: (IP Law360),
  • Google’s patent search site out of date: (IP Law360),
  • Outsourcing legal work to India – Response to Washington Post article and Patent Prospector post: (IPBiz)
  • What price IP? – Planet Eureka!, InnoCentive, and WikiPatents Community: (Patent Baristas),
  • USPTO seeks input from parties concerned with design patent on auto parts: (Post-Grant),
  • How to really protect your invention – response to Akron Beacon Journal article: (Securing Innovation),
  • Analysis of new written description training materials – ESTs & partial protein structures: (Patent Docs),
  • IP is not an asset: inventors were meant to be free: (Patent Prospector),
  • Troll Tracker litigation: (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (Techdirt), (Chicago IP Litigation Blog),
  • Nadir – how much respect is due for utter breakdown of ‘examination on merits’?: (Patent Prospector),
  • McCurdy leaves Thinkfire to become chairman of anti patent troll online venture: (IAM)

US Copyright

US Trademarks

  • Beware the many faces of a trade mark scam: (IP Law360),
  • Distinction between trade mark and copyright law; marketing copy of supplier of intermediate goods/services not trade mark use: American Express Co v Goetz: (International Law Office),
  • Famous marks doctrine in the US and UK: (IAM),
  • US opposition proceedings: politics, pitfalls and pit bulls: (IAM)

US – Companies / Entities

  • Abbott Laboratories – Judge tinkers with stent claim order again in patent dispute between Abbott and Medtronic: (IP Law360),
  • Acumed – CAFC reverses dismissal of Acumed’s patent suit against Stryker finding district judge misinterpreted law on claim preclusion: (IP Law360), (ISinIP), (Patently-O), (Patent Prospector),
  • Adidas – Differing protection for Adidas three stripes design in US and EU: Adidas v Payless: (IPKat), (Counterfeit Chic),
  • Adidas – The largest trade mark verdict in US history: Adidas v Payless: (IP finance),
  • Adidas – Payless fights $304.6M award to Adidas for infringement of its three-stripe logo: (IP Law360),
  • Akira Akazawa – Heir’s patent right not a question of federal law: Akira Akazawa v. Link New Technology International, Inc: (IP Law360),
  • American Express – American Express Bank files trade secrets suit against Credit Suisse, claiming to have footage of Credit Suisse representative taking documents from plaintiff’s office in Chile: (IP Law360),
  • Bilski – Discussion of oral arguments in In Re Bilski concerning patentability of business methods: (PLI), (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (Managing Intellectual Property), (IP Law360), (Foley & Lardner), (Intellectual Property Watch), (more from PLI), (Philip Brooks), (Patent Prospector),
  • Coca-Cola Co – CAFC upholds conviction of former Coca-Cola secretary charged with conspiring to steal trade secrets for selling to PepsiCo: (IP Law360),
  • ConsulNet Computing – M D Moore found liable for copyright infringement for stealing real estate website design: (IP Law360), (Out-Law),
  • Crocs – Crocs awarded $56M in suit against Jinjiang Huakai Shoes and Garments Co and Jinjiang Jiaxing Shoes and Garments Co over ‘shoe charms’: (IP Law360),
  • Dana Corp – Dana’s win on $20M trade secrets claim brought by Jasco Tools affirmed on appeal: (IP Law360),
  • Diazyme – Appeals court upholds lower court’s ruling that Diazyme did not infringe Axis-Sheild’s patents for enzymatic homocysteine tests: (IP Law360),
  • DreamWorks – Suit brought by Joseph Davis claims DreamWorks stole idea for ‘Madagascar’: (IP Law360),
  • DuPont – Patent battle between EI du Pont de Nemours & Co and MacDermid to continue as CAFC remands DuPont’s injunction request; lack of diligence does not convert PTO error into applicant error: (IP Law360), (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (Patent Prospector),
  • eBay – Craigslist launches countersuit against eBay alleging unlawful competition and trade mark infringement: (IP Law360), (Techdirt),
  • eSpeed – Court finds no inequitable conduct by Trading Technologies in its patent dispute with eSpeed: (Chicago IP Litigation Blog),
  • eTool – eTool Patent Holdings Corp files patent infringement lawsuit against National Semiconductor Corp over WEBENCH online circuit design tools: (IP Law360),
  • Fu – Ex parte Fu and obviousness rejections over a genus: (IPBiz),
  • Genlyte – CAFC upholds patent verdict for Genlyte Thomas Group in its patent dispute with Arch Lighting Group: (IP Law360),
  • Glycoproducts – Federal jury upholds Mannatech’s patent and awards treble damages against Glycoproducts for wilful infringement: (IP Law360),
  • Green Bay Packers – Global Patent Holdings v Green Bay Packers patent infringement proceedings stayed for second patent reexam: (Chicago IP Litigation Blog),
  • Gucci – Damages of $4.3M awarded in counterfeiting matter: Gucci America Inc v MyReplicaHandbag.com: (IP finance),
  • Intermec – Intermec loses bid to exclude expert opinions in Markman hearing for DJ brought by Alien Technology over patents covering radio frequency identification: (IP Law360),
  • Justia – Fight shaping up over Oregon’s state law copyright claims: (Ars Technica),
  • Lorillard Tobacco Co – Court rules Federal Rules of Civil Procedure do not authorise civil search and seizure in trade mark counterfeiting case: Lorillard Tobacco Co v Montrose Wholesale Candies & Sundries: (Chicago IP Litigation Blog),
  • Nichia – Judge denies fees to Nichia in LED patent fight with Seoul Semiconductor: (IP Law360),
  • Nintendo – Nintendo hit with $21M infringement verdict in Anascape case: (IPBiz),  (EDTexweblog.com), (IP Law360),
  • Nokia – FotoMedia Technologies files patent infringement suit against American Greetings Corp, Fujifilm, Nokia and others over photo sharing technology: (IP Law360),
  • Nuijten – Nuijten appeals patent application in respect of signal transmissions to Supreme Court: (IP Law360),
  • Office Depot – Herbert Richter Metallwaren-Apparatebau files suit against Office Depot and Maxx Digital claiming infringement of its GPS patents: (IP Law360),
  • Oracle – CAFC clears Oracle of infringing Mangosoft’s patent for memory shared by multiple computers in a network: (IP Law360), (Patent Prospector),
  • Osteotech – Court allows Osteotech add patent to suit against Regeneration Technologies: (IP Law360),
  • Rambus – Rambus legal victories raise stock price target: (Philip Brooks),
  • RealNetworks – Burst.com, RealNetworks settle patent spat: (IP Law360),
  • Red Cross – Judge rules American National Red Cross within its rights to license its famous symbol to other companies in trade mark battle with Johnson & Johnson: (IP Law360),
  • Renhcol – Judge rules infringement of patent claims directed to ‘computer’ and ‘computer storage media’ can be infringed in US by foreign defendants even though defendants and their computers and computer storage media located outside US: Renhcol, Inc. v. Don Best Sports, et al.: (Daily Dose of IP),
  • RIAA – EEF files briefs on behalf of eBay seller Troy Augusto defending his right to resell promotional CDs: (Electronic Frontier Foundation),
  • RIAA – Exonerated P2P defendant gets highest-ever attorney fees award against RIAA: (Ars Technica), (Techdirt),
  • RIAA – P2P defendant J Thomas may have new trial due to ‘error of law’ re infringement by ‘making available’: Virgin v Thomas: (Ars Technica), (Techdirt), (Patry Copyright Blog),
  • River West Brands – J M Smucker Co files suit against River West Brands claiming ‘trade mark piracy’ over Puritan cooking oil: (IP Law360),
  • Salix – Salix sues Novel Labs over bowel cleanser patent: (IP Law360), (GenericsWeb),
  • Schering-Plough – Fruit of the Earth files suit against Schering-Plough over coppertone trade dress: (IP Law360),
  • Silicon Graphics – Silicon Graphics v ATI patent case is a draw: (Philip Brooks),
  • Skype – Skype concedes in GPL dispute: (Techdirt),
  • Solo Cup – Patent marking – Court cautions against marking product if patent is expired: Pequignot v Solo Cup: (IP Spotlight),
  • Stambler – Florida man Leon Stambler files suit against numerous large banks including Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase & Co, claiming their secure online banking services infringe his patent: (IP Law360),
  • Sunny Isles Luxury Ventures – CAFC upholds summary judgment that Sunny Isles did not infringe Oravec’s architectural design: (Patry Copyright Blog),
  • Syncsort – Metatags are nominative fair use; lack of damages defeats other claims: Syncsort Inc v Innovative Routines International Inc: (43(B)log),
  • Toyota – Supreme Court refuses to review ruling that Toyota’s hybrid cars infringe Paice’s patent, letting $4.3M verdict stand: (IP Law360),
  • Transocean – Transocean’s patent infringement suit against Stena Drilling dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction: (IP Law360),
  • United Parcel Service – WNS, Intelleigent Technologies and M A Eberwine file suit against UPS for infringement of patents relating to broadcast technology used to prevent aircraft collisions: (IP Law360),
  • Universal Music – Double standard? UMG fights ‘excessive’ infringement damages: (Ars Technica), (Techdirt),
  • Victoria’s Secret – Victoria’s Secret sued by Juicy Couture for trade mark infringement over ‘pink’ brand: (IPBiz),
  • Wal-Mart – Express sues Wal-Mart for trade mark infringement over ‘Express For Less’ tagline: (IP Law360),
  • Zappos.com – DSW sues Zappos.com for trade mark infringement over use of DSW service marks in connection with selling shoes: (IP Law360), (Techdirt)
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