IP Think Tank Events – 3 November 2008

Here is IP Think Tank’s monthly selection of top intellectual property events reported in the blogosphere and internet.

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11-13 November: Visiongain’s 4th biosimilars conference – Philadelphia: (Patent Docs),

12 November: BNA Legal & Business Edge conference ‘Pharmaceutical patent laws: a prescription for success in challenging times’ – Arlington, Virginia: (Orange Book Blog),

12-14 November: American Conference Institute (ACI) 11th advanced forum on structuring, negotiating and managing pharma/biotech collaborative agreements – New York: (Patent Docs),

14 November: De Clercq Brants & Partners seminar on ‘Patent warming, patent warning? Patenting life sciences and today’s challenges in patent law and practice’ – Belgium: (The SPC Blog),

17-18 November: American Conference Institute (ACI) intensive course on pharmaceutical and biotech patent opinion writing – Boston: (Patent Baristas), (Patent Docs),

19-20 November: American Conference Institute (ACI) conference ‘Paragraph IV on trial’ – New York: (Patent Docs),

8-9 December: American Conference Institute (ACI) intensive course on pharmaceutical and biotech patent opinion writing – Atlanta: (Patent Baristas), (Patent Docs),

12-13 January 2009: American Conference Institute (ACI) intensive course on pharmaceutical and biotech patent opinion writing – San Diego: (Patent Baristas), (Patent Docs),

20-21 January 2009: Center for Business Intelligence Bio/pharmaceutical summit on legal and regulatory product lifecycle strategies – Baltimore: (Patent Docs),

28 January 2009: 6th National conference on pharma/biotech IP due diligence – New York: (Patent Baristas),

29-30 January 2009: Law Seminars International (LSI) conference ‘Innovative strategies for accelerating the commercialisation of life sciences inventions’ – Phoenix, Arizona: (Patent Docs),

24-27 February 2009: Health Network Communications ‘World generic medicines congress Europe 2009’ – London: (Health Network Communications)


9-10 November: Egyptian Center for Intellectual Property and Information Technology (ECIPIT) /USPTO / WIPO conference ‘Intellectual property rights enforcement in the digital age – procedures and practices’ – Cairo, Egypt: (IPR Helpdesk),

19 November: European Commission workshop on IP rights and ICT standards – Brussels: (IPR Helpdesk),

20 November: Live webinar on ‘Selling University IP in cyberspace: best practices in web-based marketing for tech transfer professionals’: (Intellectual Property Marketing Advisor),

27-28 January 2009: American Conference Institute (ACI) ‘Advanced forum on ITC litigation’– Washington, DC: (Patent Docs)

IP & Business

10-11 November: Center for American and International Law holding 46th annual conference on intellectual property law – Plano: (EDTexweblog.com),

18-19 November: Trans-Atlantic Comparative Patent Institute (TACPI) conference ‘The changing face of global IP in the innovation economy’ – Tokyo: (Hal Wegner),

27 November: European Patent Office, Italian Patent & Trademark Office and Venice International University conference ‘Financing innovation’ – Venice: (IPR Helpdesk),

4-5 December: Premier Cercle, Wall Street Journal Europe, European Voice and Managing Intellectual Property holding 3rd pan-European IP summit – Brussels: (Brussels IP Summit),

11-12 December: UNCITRAL expert group meeting on revised draft Annex on security interests in IP rights – Vienna: (IP Finance),

26 January 2009: American Conference Institute (ACI) summit ‘Technology antitrust law: avoiding and protecting against anti-competitive conduct in the global economy’ – San Francisco: (Patent Baristas),

21-23 June 2009: IAM IP Business Congress 2009 – Chicago: (IAM Magazine)


20 November: MARQUES geographical indications seminar – Geneva: (Class 46),

24-26 November: National Institute for Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR) ‘National conference on traditional knowledge systems, intellectual property rights and their relevance for sustainable development’ – New Delhi: (Spicy IP),

15-16 December: Practising Law Institute (PLI) seminar on understanding the IP license 2008 (with live webcast) – San Francisco: (Philip Brooks),

15-17 December: ISPIM and Singapore Management University symposium ‘Managing innovation in a connected world’ – Singapore: (IPR Helpdesk),

18 December: Daniel Burns live audio conference ‘Royalty audits: are you getting what you bargained for?’:(Technology Transfer Tactics),

8-9 January: IP Academy Singapore ‘Global forum on intellectual property 2009’ – Singapore: (GFIP)


10-11 November: Practising Law Institute (PLI) conference ‘Patent litigation 2008’ – Atlanta: (Patent Docs),

10-14 November: 3rd EPO patent information advanced seminar – Vienna: (EPO),

11 November: UCL Institute of Brand and Innovation Law seminar ‘Patent enforcement – problems and possibilities’ – London: (IPKat), (Hal Wegner),

17-18 November: Slusky Seminars ‘Invention analysis and claiming seminar’ – Santa Clara, California: (Slusky Seminars),

17-18 November: Practising Law Institute (PLI) seminar ‘Patent litigation 2008’ – New York: (Patent Docs),

19-20 November: American Conference Institute (ACI) conference on business methods patents – New York: (Patent Baristas),

1 December: Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) 19th annual conference on USPTO law and practice (PTO Day) – Washington: (Patent Docs),

8-9 December: Slusky Seminars ‘Invention analysis and claiming seminar’ – New York: (Slusky Seminars),

20-21 January 2009: American Conference Institute (ACI) ‘High tech patent prosecution seminar’ – San Jose, California: (Patent Baristas),

22 January 2009: American Conference Institute (ACI) master class on advanced claim drafting techniques for high-tech patent holders – San Jose, California: (Patent Baristas)


19 November: Creative Commons Salon ‘CC and citizen journalism’ – San Francisco: (Creative Commons),

24-25 November: WIPO, GESAC, AEPO-ARTIS, and CISAC conference on ‘Collective management of copyright and related rights’ – Brussels: (IPR Helpdesk),

26 November: CLT conference on copying without infringing – London: (IPKat)



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