'International Copyright' by P Goldstein and B Hugenholtz

A fantastic new resource dropped into our mailbox recently – it’s the second edition of International Copyright by Paul Goldstein and Bernt Hugenholtz (the one with the green cover).

In our business we deal with many Internet related issues, so copyright is often a headlines issue and it’s never limited to one country.

International copyright is such a difficult area to cover, and most books end up simply listing the legislation and common practice in each jurisdiction. This book goes further by providing relevant comparison between countries, which is the hard work done for you.

What would be a great addition to the literature in this area is commentary on practical steps taken by large “copyright relevant” companies to manage international issues. Compare Google’s Youtube approach around the world to Yahoo! Flickr. That might not be a topic for this book, but would make a fascinating read.

This brilliant (and very large) resource has already made its own space on my shelf.

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