Intellectual Property M and A opportunities

So we all know that there are a lot of companies or parts of them going for a song at the moment.  Some of these will no doubt be a lot more valuable than their price, particularly because of their intellectual property.  (Whether it is the IP they own, or simply the approach they take to IP, etc., etc.)

In 2006 I came up with the 6T’s, a simple tool to use to get a quick handle on IP issues, including a due diligence.  Although helpful, maybe that’s a bit simplistic here.

So, what are you thoughts on how to pick the winners?  Clearly some searching of patent and trademark databases is going to give you some extra insight – but does that only help you select amongst the ones you’re already aware of?  And how will you gain insight into what’s been going on internally?  What indicators would you look for to find an ‘IP Bargain’?

(Photo credit: PetroleumJelliffe)

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