Goods seizures in Europe, Deferred patent examination, China vs USA – IP Think Tank podcast 16 Feb 2009

Welcome to the IP Think Tank podcast for Monday 16 February 2009. In this week’s call, regular panelists Jeremy Phillips, Shamnad Basheer and Duncan Bucknell are joined by special guests Nick Redfearn and Don Zuhn to discuss:

  • Fallout from the World Trade Organisation dispute between China and the United States;
  • Dr Reddy’s, CIPLA, India, Brazil and the EU and the emerging controversy over seized pharmaceutical goods;
  • TRIPS compliance and too much protection within a country;
  • The infringement approach to goods transiting through Europe in trade marks versus patents;
  • Deferred examination in the United States, Europe and elsewhere; and
  • New approaches to productivity in patent examination.

We hope you enjoy this week’s podcast, and as always, we look forward to your comments and feedback.




Jeremy Phillips –

Shamnad Basheer –

Nick Redfearn –

Don Zuhn –


The two books mentioned by Nick Redfearn at the end of the show:

Will Hutton – Writing on the wall

Anil Gupta – Getting China and India right

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