Global Week in Review – more improvements

We’ve been thinking about ways to further improve our Global Week in Review to make it more useful to you.

Recently, we split the events section from the main body to allow you to separately read it (on the following Monday) as you see fit.

We’re now splitting the main section into 3 separate posts that will go out at about the same time on the Friday (or sometimes Saturday).

The sections will be:

1 – Global Week in Review – General Edition

2 – Global Week in Review – Pharma Edition

3 – Global Week in Review – Online Edition

To subscribe to the Pharma and Online Edition you need to either subscribe to the ‘all posts’ option in RSS or to the ‘Pharma’ category or ‘IP on the net’ – you can also subscribe in email which automatically receives all posts.  We will publish ‘GWiR Pharma’ and ‘GWiR Online’ under the ‘Global Week in Review’ subscription for a few editions to give everyone time to make any adjustments they would like to make.

All 3 editions will be out later today.

As always, we look forward to your feedback.


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