Current research – the art of war (II)

My May 2006 article "Global Litigation Strategy and the art of war" (published in IAM Magazine) has proven to be quite popular.  In preparing to write the article, I asked leading IP litigators from nine jurisdictions to comment on the one thing their clients should focus on to win an IP dispute.   The result was both interesting and useful (or so I’m told).
I’ve been putting together a follow up article which looks at the views of in-house teams on the same question.  The responses so far are already highlighting some very interesting differences.  So far, I have some great comments from some large global players across a number of industries.  (To be identified when the article is published.)

I thought that the article would be much more useful if I threw it open to each of you to also share your thoughts.

So, please do take a few minutes to email me or add a comment to the blog about what you think (from an in-house perspective) is the single most important thing to focus on in order to win an IP dispute.  You can do so anonymously if you like (either by clicking the appropriate button in the comments section, or simply asking me to keep your name confidential).  However, I’d obviously prefer to give you the limelight, if you don’t mind.

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