Chinese Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is coming.  When we look back over 2011, we find it was a fruitful year for Think IP Strategy. We held workshops in Australia, Germany, Sweden, US, Malaysia and we published two books: ‘The Defense of Mieza Hchip’ and ‘The Defense of Mieza Compound’.

 Another highlight for us was the two events we held in Beijing and Shanghai in the end of November, 2011.  Professionals from the pharmacy, chemistry, automotive and other industries joined us and made valuable contributions to the discussion on the latest developments in IP law, and IP policy and practice in China.

We expect a prosperous 2012.  As people await the Spring Festival, we sincerely wish all friends a very happy Lunar New Year!



2011年已经结束,2012年的春节即将到来。回顾过去一年,我们发现收获颇丰:在澳大利亚、德国、瑞典、美国、马来西亚等地举行了多次知识产权策略研讨会,出版了两本新书:《Mieza 芯片公司的知识产权策略之战》(The Defense of Mieza Hchip)和《Mieza化学公司的知识产权策略之战》(The Defense of Mieza Compound)。



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