5 practical things to include in a corporate IP strategy

A corporate IP strategy is the overall strategy for the entity in relation to intellectual property.  Here are 5 things to include in a corporate IP strategy. 

1 – Corporate milestones

2 – IP milestones which leverage the corporate objective at each milestone (eg. – valuation for a licensing deal, M&A activity, etc)

3 – A practical plan for actually achieving each IP milestone

4 – Assigned responsibility to individual people for each step in each plan

5 – Acknowledged and accepted (by the team) accountability and consequences for achieving or failing to meet assigned responsibilities

Should be easy, right? 

Many have trouble with 2 as they forgiveably don’t know enough about the IP armoury which can be brought to bear.  Many more fail at 4 and 5 – implementation is always the trickiest part.

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