20 client engagements 35 countries June 2009 insights from Duncan Bucknell Company

Firstly, thanks to our clients who involved us in 20 exciting engagements across over 35 countries in June 2009.  Clients we worked with this month were based across North America, Europe, India and the Asia Pacific and we worked with them on corporate, product and contentious intellectual property strategy.

Here are some of our insights from the month that was:
The key message this month came out of IP Business Congress 2009 in Chicago – forget patents and focus on communicating value.

In our opinion, the biggest news in the IP world this month was the Swedish Pirate Party winning a seat in the  EU parliament.

There were also some big IP wins for some of our clients in the news, but we can’t mention them here, except to say congratulations again.

The best podcast moment was the US, Europe and China discussion with Hal Wegner, Weijiang Si and Jeremy Philips.

In other news we’re delighted to be adding a second outstanding Indian team member to our firm.  We’re looking forward to when she can start.  We’re currently in discussions with potential team members from China and the USA.

Finally, we’ve decided to open up the IP Think Tank’s virtual doors to allow others to publish high quality articles in our articles area.  We have a number of research projects ongoing and will be keen to collaborate when appropriate as well.  Please do let us know if you would like more information about this initiative.

(Photo credit: marcelgermain)

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