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An IP manifesto to remember – the role of the CIPO

21 June 2009 will see the inaugural meeting of the Chief Intellectual Property Officer (CIPO) Manifesto Working Group.  I will be participating along with the following 16 Elite IP professionals.

•    Damon Matteo, PARC
•    Carl Horton, GE
•    Sherry Knowles, GSK
•    Peter Cicala, Shire Pharmaceuticals
•    Todd Dickinson, AIPLA
•    Ruud Peters, Philips IP & Standards
•    Marshall Phelps, Microsoft
•    John Squires, Chadboure & Parke (ex Goldman Sachs)
•    James Malackowsi, Ocean Tomo
•    Bo Heiden, CIP Gothenburg
•    Shinjiri Ono, Yuasa & Hara
•    Bill Elkington, Rockwell Collins
•    Beatrix de Russé, Thomson
•    Ian Harvey, IP Institute
•    Anne Culotta, Halliburton
•    Scott Frank, AT&T

(Here’s the press release, and the story at

It will no doubt be a lot fun and very productive.  With Luke Hohmann’s assistance, the group will explore the ideal CIPO profile and the organizational environment within which the CIPO should operate, as well as the responsibilities that should come with the role and the metrics by which CIPO performance should be measured.

The results of the meeting will be shared with IP Business Congress delegates during breakout and plenary sessions.  Looking forward to your thoughts on what we come up with.

I’d be delighted if you wanted to share your thoughts before the meeting by adding comments to this blog post.


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