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The fearless CIPO

Crazy as it sounds, Chief IP Officers may well have to be fearless.  Here’s a quote from Bill Elkington of Rockwell Collins (the leading Communications and Aviation Electronics company) in relation to my recent Release the Tweets post.

My take on it is that CIPOs are out there trying to change long held views of the world and trying to communicate about concepts that are global and constantly evolving.

What do you think?

"Duncan, Amazing list of thoughts.  Yes, IPBC was quite a stimulating conference.  A powerful set of ideas.  Thank you for writing yours down.  One of the thoughts that rises to the top for me is the idea that the CIPO or the aspiring CIPO needs to be fearless, needs to be willing to stand on the parapet, etc.  Why is this?  Is this because IP in corporations is an entrepreneurial field right now?  Or is it because senior leadership in most companies has little education in the field?  Or is it because the theory is in its infancy?  Or is it because, as you suggest, that the role of the CIPO is first of all as the leader of organizational change–change in strategic thinking, change in organizational roles and responsibilities, change in how the organization defines itself?"

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