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Top 5 things for a CIPO to focus on

CIPO’s (Chief Intellectual Property Officers) are the latest and greatest gift to the senior executive team of the modern corporate. IAM and Ocean Tomo are putting together an impressive conference (IPBC2008) this June in Amsterdam to explore the role of the CIPO.

Ok, so what are the top 5 things a CIPO should focus on? Here’s a quick list – what would you add?

1 – Creating and leading a culture of intellectual property savvy within the organisation.

2 – Effectively communicating IP issues to the senior executive team and the Board.

3 – Effectively coomunicating IP issues outside the organization (eg. to shareholders, the public, etc.)

4 – Ensuring that the organization’s IP Strategy continues to align with and leverage corporate strategy.

5 – Ensuring that the ‘IP machine’ within the organization runs effectively and efficiently.

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