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The core of an IP Strategists work…

“And the core of the strategist’s work is always the same, discover the crucial factors in a situation and design a way to coordinate and focus actions to deal with them.”  (Richard Rumelt  in the June 2011 McKinsey Quarterly.)

I think this is a great summary – it gets to the heart of identifying the key issues and creating effective change.

From the intellectual property strategy perspective, I would suggest that the core needs to include the ability to discern business goals (which are not always clearly stated) and to communicate about the IP strategy both during and after its design.

To be clear, I think the days of having to justify IP as a key issue are almost gone, however IP is very rarely at the centre of an organisation and so needs to earn and prove its place amongst the other ‘crucial factors’ to be addressed.

What would you place at the very core of the work of an IP Strategist?

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