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Hate mail for IP Strategy lawyers and IP Strategists

Do you hate IP Strategists and IP Strategy lawyers?

Should you?

Read Sinha‘s post over at the popular blog for StartUps – ‘Why I hate IP Strategy lawyers.’

Sinha is right.

The term ‘IP Strategy’ has been rendered meaningless by the number of people misusing it as a selling tool.  (But don’t get me started.)

Ask your advisors very tough questions, are they really thinking about your business and what’s best for you, or just trying to sell you more IP services?

Trusted advisors act in your best interests above their own.  They will tell you not to file certain patents (or any patents or trade marks), how to reduce IP spend, how to increase internal capabilities and therefore decrease IP spending and make better decisions.

Is that the nature of your IP advice?

It should be.

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