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23 client engagements 25 countries July 2009 insights from Duncan Bucknell Company

Firstly, thanks to our clients who involved us in 23 exciting engagements across around 25 countries in July 2009.  Clients we worked with this month were based across the usual North America, Europe, India and Asia and we worked with them on corporate, product and contentious intellectual property strategy.

Here are some of our insights from the month that was:

The key message this month continued the theme from last month around the role of Chief Intellectual Property Officers.  We picked up on some brilliant comments from Marshall Phelps and Bill Elkington and reinforced the point that the focus should be on the role and not the title. 

As always, we had a lot of fun hosting the Blawg Review this month and Marie Louise did a sterling job with a carnival atmosphere for #222.

In our opinion, the biggest news in the IP world this month was a tie between the ongoing debate over data exclusivity for follow-on biologics in the USA, and also in pharmaceuticals, the release of the European Commission Report on competition in the European pharmaceutical market.

The best podcast moment was the brilliant discussion about intangible assets between Suzanne Harrison, Sharon Oriel, Ron Laurie, Jeremy Phillips and Duncan.

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