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Speaking engagements – IACCM 'ask the expert', 30-31 July 2008

IACCM The International Association for Contract and Commercial Management have asked me to lead a discussion on intellectual property strategy in one of their ‘ask the expert’ calls.

The call will be held at 8pm ET in the US, (11pm GMT) on 30 July 2008. That’s 10 am on 31 July in Eastern Australia (9am in Tokyo, 8am in Singapore).

The call will cover some of the major issues in intellectual property strategy and how they are being addressed by top-performing organizations. These include the challenge of balancing protection with the need to extract commercial value and handling cultural variations in the acceptance of IP rights and principles. We’ll also touch on the trend to pervasive use of NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements – and the wisdom of such policies. We’ll also have a brief look at some recent major events in the IP world and their implications.

Register to join the call here.

I look forward to speaking to those who join the call.

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