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War Game with Think IP Strategy


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We have many years of experience running War Games of one form or another.  We’re well known for advising clients on IP strategy to shape their markets for success.

Our unique approach to war games and our complete guarantee ensure that we meet and surpass expectations.


…use proprietary tools, including our well-known IP PLAYBOOK™, strategy card decks, thinking and innovation tools

…are trusted advisors on IP Strategy to leading companies across the world

…are a global team that helps you to identify, protect, and realize the value behind your IP, and position you to prevail cost effectively in IP conflicts

…have offices across many time zones to ensure a global service that is local to you and your markets


What is an IP Strategy War Game?

  • An exercise used to raise the probability that a plan will succeed
  • It simulates the interplay between you and selected competitors, partners, regulators and customers in order to test the assumptions of a plan
  • It seeks to illuminate opportunities and threats so that you can anticipate and address them in advance
Why war game?
  • Any action you take may cause reactions from competitors, partners and/or customers
  • Many of these actions are both difficult to anticipate and may impede your plans
  • War games eliminate biases toward expected results by having others put those expectations to a test
Preparing the war game
  • Explain the full scope of the situation – Customers, Regulators, Partners, Competitors, etc
  • Detail the current plan –Objective, Desired Result, Execution, Assigned Tasks, Support Resources, Communications
  • Explain the desired outcome of the plan
  • Establish the constraints
Pre-War Game briefing
  • Review the war game process and some key IP strategy improvement tenets and fundamentals
  • Set the teams
  • Introduce our proprietary war game tools to the teams
  • Detail constraints in time, location, resources, risk, and corporate policy (the parameters of the game)
Phase 1 – Red team(s) vs Blue team
  • Blue team executes the current plan and contingencies
  • One or more Red teams challenge plans and assumptions
Phase 2 – Strategy improvement
  • Repeat the scenario with all participants now playing on the blue team
  • Players originally from the red teams continue to contribute “what if” commentary, i.e. if blue had done ‘b’ instead of ‘a,’ what would red have done.
  • Review how the original plan will change to make it a stronger plan
Post-War Game planning
  • After action review for discussion on war game learning points
  • Assign follow up tasks and priorities
  • Further recommendations
  • Draw up an improved plan
  • Repeat war game if called for
  • Example teams include senior members from legal, R&D, regulatory business development, marketing etc.. Members may be added from other groups depending on the plan
  • Five to seven people is optimal per team
  • In some war games, two iterations are run – we can adjust the red/blue team composition and numbers, depending on the output from the first iteration
  • By participating in an IP Strategy War Game, you will have tested a specific plan (e.g. introduction of a generic product into one or more markets) in a thorough, unbiased fashion
  • Groups from across the organization will have worked together to either confirm the suitability of the current plan or develop a more robust plan
  • Any plan modifications will include actionable tactical steps for execution (including timing – cf. next slide)
  • You will have learned an effective technique to conduct IP Strategy War Games for other projects
  • Where we want to arrive is to win races of decision cycles – proficiently assessing situations, making decisions, and acting on opportunities and threats at a pace that competitors cannot match
  • Winning the race of decision cycles is a necessary precursor to gaining and retaining the initiative
  • Without having the initiative, it is all but impossible to succeed on your terms
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