Greg Mortimer

IT Manager & Consultant

Greg is the go-to man for all things relating to our own IT infrastructure. A considerable amount of responsibility, given that we are a completely virtual firm.

Greg’s role extends further than IT responsibilities as Greg is also actively involved in the technology side of IP Strategy.

Greg has been a key player in the development of Think Business Engine, a product developed to help people to manage their business through a customized collaboration web based application.

Greg’s previous role was leading a team responsible for the loan origination process in the Australian market for a leading global automotive finance company.

Prior to this role, Greg held a number of analytic and supervisory positions within that organization. Greg has worked on and managed several large IT projects that significantly upgraded the organization’s ecommerce capabilities and enabled compliance with legislative requirements. These projects provided Greg with experience in a wide variety of technologies, including, mainframe based transaction processing systems, complex web applications with multiple interfaces, desktop and network configuration, system security. Greg was often called upon to provide expert advice and support on systems integration projects for the organization’s Asia Pacific operations.

Contact Greg

Email: greg [at] thinkipstrategy [dot] com
Phone: +27 (0)798 124 332
Fax: +61 (0)3 8640 0843

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