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A trend of industry over the last several decades has been to decouple innovation from manufacturing and move manufacturing to regions of the world that have lower labor costs.  While this trend has raised the immediate cost competitiveness of those manufacturers, it has come at the cost of teaching future competitors manufacturing those products the technical art of doing so and removing from innovators a core source of learning on how to… Read More

Do you have an invention ready in hand but are not able to file a patent? How will you protect it from being disclosed if you intend to eventually file a patent? Often disclosure is essential with partners, collaborators, investors, while developing advanced technologies with the help of external agencies and so on. It is sometimes essential to disclose a few bench marking stages for research scholars. Occasionally disclosure takes place accidentally… Read More

Most of us are aware and probably agree that a reasonable portion of a company’s success lies in its ability to protect its intellectual property (IP). Conversely, the failure to protect IP can have devastating effects on a company. The potential consequences of not protecting IP are many. The most obvious consequence is that your competitors, partners, and customers may gain access to your IP and associated market potential without paying due… Read More

The world of IP continues to become more complex each day.  How do you protect yourself from that business partner who promised you 50:50 ownership of IP?  (Signing a well written agreement would be a good start…) Well, for Australian’s there is now a Register of Personal Property created by Statute.  You can register your interest and presumably have a better shot at enforcing it.  Check it out and let us know… Read More

First, a brief lead in to this blog topic: In 2006, the Chinese State Council issued both The Guiding Principles of Program for Mid-to-Long Term Scientific and Technological Development (2006-2020) and a notification of a number of accompanying policies on the implementation of the Program. These policies required that improving indigenous innovation be made the most important aspect of all science and technology related work, and that the promotion of indigenous innovation… Read More

Sometimes the biggest mistake is the one you didn’t realise you made. IP laws that grant exclusivity do not leave value on the table for the next place finishers. Let’s look at patents first. With patents, filing too late is a serious mistake, especially in first to file countries, and could seem to leave little to expand upon in a blog posting. If you file for a patent after someone else, you… Read More

IP is a source of great value for our organisation – keep in touch with the IP function. Messages around IP successes can really leverage our success in the market.  You have to be very careful about what you say to the world, but when you get it right, you can sing it from the rooftops… Having said that, messages around IP enforcement successes have to be very carefully managed – we… Read More

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