Duncan Bucknell


I have stated often that the best simulation of IP strategy out on the market today is the 3,000 year old Chinese game of ‘Go.’  There are two key mistakes that open the door for opposing players to win.  One is to seek to claim too much space with given played pieces.  The second is to claim to little.  The winner finds the best balance between the number of pieces played and… Read More

While recently reading a post at the excellent IAM blog about the acquisition of Core Wireless Licensing (a Luxemburg based company established by Nokia and holding 400 patents families related to wireless technology) by MOSAID (a Canadian NPE) I came across this sentence: “Critics of NPEs… have always based their condemnation on the fact that NPEs do not produce anything and do not want to produce anything; instead, it is said, they… Read More

Ever made a prediction that was utterly, completely and hopelessly wrong? That’s Claim Chowder. Daring Fireball has the example of Steve Balmer’s April 2007 quote  – “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.” Ummm…. And yet, has this prediction hurt Steve? Seth Godin posted about this recently – he suggests – do it anyway, have an opinion, defend it, it will make you… Read More

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