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We spend a fair amount of time working with clients either in China or going in to China so I’m always interested to review books on the topic. So it’s refreshing to see a pragmatic, insightful book on the topic with an intellectual property focus. Lei Mei‘s –  Conducting Business in China (Oxford University Press 2012) is just such a book.  It’s easy to read and packed with practical insight from the… Read More

I’m speaking at an upcoming symposium in Melbourne, Australia on 10 October. My co-speaker for the symposium is Helen Mutimer, Director of IP at CSL. Places are limited, so book now if you want to come along. This symposium will examine contemporary IP strategy both as a field of study and as a practical management tool. Details: Wednesday 10 October 2012 3 – 5pm including snacks and drinks Monash University Caulfield Campus… Read More

In my Duke University Army ROTC class in 1985, I received a copy of a book titled The Defense of Duffer’s Drift written in 1903 by a Major General Sir Ernest Dunlop Swinton of the British Army.  In this book, the main character has five dreams where he gets the defense of a key drift wrong during the Boer War until a sixth dream when he gets it right.  The reason my… Read More

I’m already finding our 2011 Almanac incredibly useful to get a quick snapshot of events / information during meetings or on planes. Here’s a quick video to take you through it – let us know how you’re using it and what other formats / rearrangements and back issues you’d like to see.

As part of our efforts to understand local challenges and build local IP communities, a little over two weeks ago Think IP Strategy organized a workshop and networking event in Copenhagen. We would like to thank everyone for attending and actively participating in what was an interesting exchange of ideas. Here are some highlights from the discussion of that day… The event was structured around four seminars each dealing with different aspects… Read More

About 14 years ago, during an exercise in IP management, I offered a client a continuous improvement model that I called the AWAKE Cycle™.  This model is comprised of the following: Awareness Willingness Ability Knowledge Experience The succession follows that before you can take an action with any deliberation, you need to first be aware of an opportunity or threat.  Then you need to be willing to act, have the ability to… Read More

Think IP Strategy is launching a new book, and here is a post about it…from the back cover. The difference between winning and losing intellectual property strategies are often subtle. Adopted best practices often only establish a place in the contest. Actually winning can take much more. Join the new Head of IP at Mieza Technologies as he seeks to defend Mieza Technology’s horse chip, an artificial intelligence device that allows automobiles… Read More

“We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.” Peter Drucker Swift growth in global trade, a rapid pace of change in IP laws worldwide and their international ramifications, and the recognition by governments, company executives and shareholders of the potential value of IP assets, have made IP literacy indispensible in the present… Read More

In a difficult climate for business, applied education is a key way to gain advantage over competitors. You hire the best people you can. Education allows them to perform at their best for you. Choosing among the plethora of IP focused education offerings can be difficult. If you are looking to promote ‘out of the box’ thinking, holistic approaches and empower employees our recommendation and practice is to focus on courses that… Read More

Ever wanted to be able to bounce ideas around with leading IP Strategists from around the world – all in one room? The entire team from Think IP Strategy will be heading to Melbourne in mid March for a team retreat.  (There’s now 17 (soon 18) of us, from the US, Europe, China, India, Singapore and Australia.) As part of the visit on Tuesday 15 March, we’re hosting an interactive IP Strategy… Read More

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