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The team at Think IP Strategy created their list of top IP mistakes.   We’ve listed them here for you and we’ll give you a more detailed post on each and everyone. What would you add?  We’ll happily do an extra post on any new ones you suggest. (They are in no particular order, because as you know, that depends on context.) 1.      Fail to Protect IP 2.      Fail to Exploit IP 3.     … Read More

There was a great discussion at the symposium yesterday on ‘IP Strategy, what has changed, what is changing?’ Here are my slides – I look forward to your comments too. IP Strategy – what has changed, what is changing? from DuncanBucknell

We’re putting together the final touches on our latest book: ’50 Intellectual Property Mistakes and how to fix them’. We’ve taken the now-famous ’33 make that 43 IP Mistakes’ post, added a few, worked on the content and polished, and then polished again. Here’s a short video from Robert to tell you more… Stay tuned – we’ll let you know as soon as we have a release date.

It’s all very well for external consultants to talk about what’s needed in IP Strategy.  Most IP Strategy is done in-house, with internal clients and with considerable personal risk. Here are 6 qualities we’ve noticed in those operating at a very high level as in-house IP Strategists.   Thank you to those brilliant internal IP Strategists that we work alongside. They make decisions Uncertainty is everywhere in IP Strategy, particularly for those faced… Read More

We, at Think IP Strategy, strongly believe that a key advantage we have over some of the other IP Strategy firms is the diversity of the people in our team. We have a very experienced team located around the world, some with general business backgrounds and others originally trained in the law with a focus on IP. We have folks from law firms, others from IP data management groups, and a few,… Read More

I’m already finding our 2011 Almanac incredibly useful to get a quick snapshot of events / information during meetings or on planes. Here’s a quick video to take you through it – let us know how you’re using it and what other formats / rearrangements and back issues you’d like to see.

One of the best ways to gain insight about your profession is to compare it to another profession as an objective observer and then see if the same rules you identify apply.  We often do this with our clients when we benchmark IP practices in other industries or strategic actions from entirely different professions.  It’s a useful practice because it is easier in the analysis to be an impartial observer to other… Read More

Is there a difference between ‘best practice’ in theory as against the real world?  Should there be? In the many years I have taught patent strategy, I have often seen people make a mental distinction between sound strategic theory and what people can actually do in practice. I learned about this distinction as a general principle – the so called right way and real way – early in my professional career when… Read More

Ever wanted to be able to bounce ideas around with leading IP Strategists from around the world – all in one room? The entire team from Think IP Strategy will be heading to Melbourne in mid March for a team retreat.  (There’s now 17 (soon 18) of us, from the US, Europe, China, India, Singapore and Australia.) As part of the visit on Tuesday 15 March, we’re hosting an interactive IP Strategy… Read More

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