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I’m already finding our 2011 Almanac incredibly useful to get a quick snapshot of events / information during meetings or on planes. Here’s a quick video to take you through it – let us know how you’re using it and what other formats / rearrangements and back issues you’d like to see.

“And the core of the strategist’s work is always the same, discover the crucial factors in a situation and design a way to coordinate and focus actions to deal with them.”  (Richard Rumelt  in the June 2011 McKinsey Quarterly.) I think this is a great summary – it gets to the heart of identifying the key issues and creating effective change. From the intellectual property strategy perspective, I would suggest that the… Read More

I suspect that most IP Strategists have, at one time or another, used or referenced the Intellectual Capital Pyramid from Edison in the Boardroom (Davis & Harrison, 2001) to try to expand the C-Suite understanding of the value of IP/IC beyond the Legal function. You’ll recall the five levels from the base “Defensive” to “Cost Control”, “Profit Center”, “Integrated”, and finally to the apex level “Visionary”.  Clearly, it’s important in most organizations… Read More

About 14 years ago, during an exercise in IP management, I offered a client a continuous improvement model that I called the AWAKE Cycle™.  This model is comprised of the following: Awareness Willingness Ability Knowledge Experience The succession follows that before you can take an action with any deliberation, you need to first be aware of an opportunity or threat.  Then you need to be willing to act, have the ability to… Read More

Global LPO put on by KPO was different from what I had expected and a little light on expected attendance.  It did have a feed to a Web audience, and KPO videotaped all of the session, which will play out for some time for CLE credits for sure.  So how this will play out for the long term on exposure, we will see.  The discussion with the people that attended, maybe 30… Read More

Can you really have a cohesive IP Strategy at the corporate level? I don’t think so. Unless of course they are one and the same thing.  (Small companies with effectively one business unit obviously have the same IP Strategy for both.) Otherwise, each business unit needs its own defined IP Strategy – focused on the strategy and its execution required to meet its specific goals.  As soon as you start building a… Read More

Classical strategy shows that the most successful organizations in any professional discipline tend to assemble good people, ideas, and tools in that order of priority.  This makes sense when you think about it given that good people tend to use good ideas and procure useful tools to support them.  Look at any failed organization, and you will often find that a tool or an idea became a priority above the people so… Read More

Whether a CIPO, IP Business Manager, Chief IP Officer or other title, what are the key attributes that individual needs to be successful when tasked with developing and implementing a coordinated company IP strategy. Here’s my personal top 5 in order: 1) Senior company individual with authority to implement change This is top of my list. CEOs and their direct staff are usually well-aware of the importance of IP and how its… Read More

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