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How do you protect your IP Processes?  More importantly, have you ever done a freedom to operate clearance on them? To kick off this short series of posts, here are a few insights on some of the top ‘patent process’ patent filers, what they are covering, and the most cited patents. Given my 100 per cent client focus, I couldn’t really do this topic justice but I look forward to further insights… Read More

We spend a fair amount of time working with clients either in China or going in to China so I’m always interested to review books on the topic. So it’s refreshing to see a pragmatic, insightful book on the topic with an intellectual property focus. Lei Mei‘s –  Conducting Business in China (Oxford University Press 2012) is just such a book.  It’s easy to read and packed with practical insight from the… Read More

There is no doubt that CEOs are gaining a greater perspective on IP.  There is also no doubt that the key question a CEO will want to know about IP is whether his enterprise has a patent or trademark to defend anything considered important at the moment.  If his attorneys say yes, then that may be all he wants to know – trusting that the people employed to handle IP matters will… Read More

In our IP strategy courses we teach about 10 different types of competitors.  Depending upon the situation of an enterprise, some types of competitors will be more important than others.  In some cases, the primary concern may be direct competitors.  In others it may be a potential substitute or upstream competitors on the same problem and solution chain.  A study of why this competitor or that gained market space at our expense… Read More

Here are three that should be near the top of your priorities.  1 – Listen & learn Before you commit to anything, make sure you have spent a lot of time understanding the context, the people and the real goals of the organization.  These are not always the same as the stated goals… Armed with this, you are going to be much more effective. 2 – Build relationships An IP Strategy role… Read More

It’s all very well for external consultants to talk about what’s needed in IP Strategy.  Most IP Strategy is done in-house, with internal clients and with considerable personal risk. Here are 6 qualities we’ve noticed in those operating at a very high level as in-house IP Strategists.   Thank you to those brilliant internal IP Strategists that we work alongside. They make decisions Uncertainty is everywhere in IP Strategy, particularly for those faced… Read More

I’m already finding our 2011 Almanac incredibly useful to get a quick snapshot of events / information during meetings or on planes. Here’s a quick video to take you through it – let us know how you’re using it and what other formats / rearrangements and back issues you’d like to see.

Ok, I get it that lobbying can be an important part of an overall strategy and so hats off to those who have created some fog around a seemingly broken patent system. However, things have gone just a little too far now – and unfortunately all of the hyperbole is focused on the United States. To summarize Kenneth Lustig’s recent Forbes article on the topic: (and thanks to David Kline for sending… Read More

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