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“And the core of the strategist’s work is always the same, discover the crucial factors in a situation and design a way to coordinate and focus actions to deal with them.”  (Richard Rumelt  in the June 2011 McKinsey Quarterly.) I think this is a great summary – it gets to the heart of identifying the key issues and creating effective change. From the intellectual property strategy perspective, I would suggest that the… Read More

During the past decades, many of the regulatory and technical barriers to international market entry have been all but erased. This has made it easier for companies to expand their operations abroad, but has also making them more vulnerable to new competitive threats from companies abroad expanding into their markets. The decision to expand into international markets is and always should remain a business decision that carefully balances the benefits and risks… Read More

On several occasions this last year, we were asked to consult on business initiatives where the groundwork on the marketing plan had already been prepared by a well-recognized and prestigious management consulting firm.  Our clients recognized in their planning that they had a major hole to fill in terms of an IP strategy plan.  To get to the point, with all the good research that had gone into the marketing plans, no… Read More

A basic strategic principle, using deceptive plots to distract the other party and wisely choosing the time to bring something forth in order to preserve the element of surprise, can be applied with success in military, sports, business and most other competitive environments. An example of the principle’s application in business appears in the approach Apple adopts for the development and release of its products. The recent release of iPhone 4S brought… Read More

Why would I want to be focused…? Economy of resources Spend your time wisely Spend your money wisely Tempo Making fast decision based on clear goals Limited distractions Market Defined niche Differentiate yourself Specialist on your product Closer understanding of your niche (both clients and competitors) Development Somewhat restricted opportunities Any drawbacks? What can go wrong…? Missing value generation opportunities Application in different markets (opportunities to engage with adjacent markets in effective… Read More

Classical strategy shows that the most successful organizations in any professional discipline tend to assemble good people, ideas, and tools in that order of priority.  This makes sense when you think about it given that good people tend to use good ideas and procure useful tools to support them.  Look at any failed organization, and you will often find that a tool or an idea became a priority above the people so… Read More

Some say that the journey towards success is like climbing a ladder.  Others have said that the problem is that many seem to have their ladder up against the wrong wall.  I’d go further to say that some seem to be unaware that they are supposed to be heading towards something at the top of the ladder, or even that the wall is there at all. Strategy is about getting from Here… Read More

Recognition of the importance of IP and its potential use (and abuse) has improved dramatically over the past few decades. However, there is still a good deal of general public confusion about the different forms IP can take and the protection available. It just isn’t a topic that stimulates the masses, except when IP directly impacts on a particular group or touches on an emotive issue: Harvard mouse, HIV and cDNA patents… Read More

As we announced at the beginning of the month, to take advantage of all of us getting together as part of our annual team retreat, we have decided to organize a half a day event in Melbourne, Australia. When: 15th of March 2011 from 9am until 2pm (4pm if you wish) Where:  RACV Club, 501 Bourke St Melbourne What: a series of four 45min workshops conducted by top IP Strategists. The opportunity… Read More

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