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It’s been widely said (and attributed to Peter Drucker), that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Whilst Mark Fields made that particular phrase popular, Drucker definitely made it clear that culture will block attempts to implement a strategy that is incompatible with it. So what does that mean for IP Strategists? If you try and implement a strategy that is counter cultural for your organization – you will fail. For example, try getting… Read More

  Using an old tactic, Procter & Gamble will reduce the number of products per package to increase profitability. (‘downsizing’) According to the WSJ, this is in an attempt to recoup costs of innovation without increasing per package price for consumers in these difficult economic times. Does this have anything to do with IP Strategy? Should it? Strategy is about achieving objectives, and whilst you need to adjust your strategy from time… Read More

Early in the movie Jaws, the town mayor berated Chief Brody for wanting to tell people about a possible shark attack off the beach.  He said, “You yell barracuda, everybody says, “Huh? What?” You yell shark, we’ve got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July.”  Put another way, to instill fear in people, “shark” is a much better brand name than “barracuda.” Dangerous Voyage: The Oceanic Whitetip Shark from… Read More

Bloomberg published a nice piece just the other day on common phrases that are trademarked.  Here are a few: “It’s gonna be awesome” (The Barbarian Group) “We should talk” (Bank of New York) “That’s a good idea” (Rubbermaid) Readers unaware of how trademarks work would be forgiven for thinking that they can’t use those phrases anymore, or at least in business. Obviously this is wrong – the trademarks cover goods and services… Read More

William Lozito has a great post over at Name Wire, on ‘how to “verb up” your brand’.  It’s something some brand owners diligently try to prevent, others embrace.  As William mentioned, Microsoft is certainly in the latter category of brand owners when it comes to their ‘Bing’ brand. Last month, Microsoft announced that they are adding Bing integration to Xbox – you’ll be able to search Bing from the xbox console.  But… Read More

Sometimes the biggest mistake is the one you didn’t realise you made. IP laws that grant exclusivity do not leave value on the table for the next place finishers. Let’s look at patents first. With patents, filing too late is a serious mistake, especially in first to file countries, and could seem to leave little to expand upon in a blog posting. If you file for a patent after someone else, you… Read More

It’s harder than you think to get your domain name purchase right. Purchasing a domain from someone else is a simple idea and relatively simple process when the price is low.  But as the price or importance of the domain goes up, so does the attention to the process. Here are our top 5 tips in domain name acquisitions. What would you add? 1.       Use an escrow agent, even an online one…. Read More

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