Duncan Bucknell


Focus on the effect you wish your IP to have, not on the IP itself. On many occasions during IP strategy training courses I have given, I have suggested that patent strategists learn how to play the Chinese game of Go.  Go is a well-known game of strategy in the East, just as Chess is in the West.  The mindset needed to win the game of Go is similar to the mindset… Read More

Ever made a prediction that was utterly, completely and hopelessly wrong? That’s Claim Chowder. Daring Fireball has the example of Steve Balmer’s April 2007 quote  – “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.” Ummm…. And yet, has this prediction hurt Steve? Seth Godin posted about this recently – he suggests – do it anyway, have an opinion, defend it, it will make you… Read More

What is the value of outsourcing for an IP department manager? For many IP departments I have worked with, the value of outsourcing is calculated in terms of money saved.  If you can accomplish a task in another part of the world for less than it would cost a domestic employee to perform that work in country, then the costs of salary and benefits saved can contribute to the company bottom line… Read More

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