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Mergers and Acquisitions are a key source of strategic value in business. You can make an enormous contribution to M&A.  Its a simple thing to set up a scan for valuable technology and IP using standard databases. Stay in touch with the M&A team, understand what they’re looking for today and help them find it. If the deal is on, you will have a head start on the due diligence process, and… Read More

Whoever has the best information is most likely to succeed and on their own terms. It is difficult to overstate the importance of high quality information to the development and execution of world class IP Strategy. The best IP Strategists are keen practitioners of competitive intelligence and analyse a wide variety of  information. I use checklists of information sources tuned to different kinds of issues – some are free, some paid and… Read More

It’s all very well for external consultants to talk about what’s needed in IP Strategy.  Most IP Strategy is done in-house, with internal clients and with considerable personal risk. Here are 6 qualities we’ve noticed in those operating at a very high level as in-house IP Strategists.   Thank you to those brilliant internal IP Strategists that we work alongside. They make decisions Uncertainty is everywhere in IP Strategy, particularly for those faced… Read More

They are legal rights, so why not treat intellectual property as purely a legal issue? First, the role of most legal departments is oriented around defense and risk reduction. While defense is important, no doubt, there is a good chance that treating IP as a purely legal issue will set yourself up with an unsecure defensive position – given that the IP portfolio may not align with the business strategy – all… Read More

IP is a source of great value for our organisation – keep in touch with the IP function. Messages around IP successes can really leverage our success in the market.  You have to be very careful about what you say to the world, but when you get it right, you can sing it from the rooftops… Having said that, messages around IP enforcement successes have to be very carefully managed – we… Read More

Well sometimes it is. But what is the most important department though? Sales – because without $ coming in the door it’s all for naught? Business development – you need deal flow to keep the company going? Legal – to avoid risk (come on…) … Whatever it is – IP should be thinking hard and long about ways to support and make that department’s job easier / better / more effective. [Image… Read More

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