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How do you protect your IP Processes?  More importantly, have you ever done a freedom to operate clearance on them? To kick off this short series of posts, here are a few insights on some of the top ‘patent process’ patent filers, what they are covering, and the most cited patents. Given my 100 per cent client focus, I couldn’t really do this topic justice but I look forward to further insights… Read More

There’s a lot of lip service given these days to ‘aligning IP with business goals’.  Most times there’s no indication at all about how to do that or any of the practicalities. One practical matter that comes up time and again is around the goals themselves.  Specific goals allow more room  for compromise or pivots in the approach used to obtain what really matters.   Putting it another way, an indirect strategy… Read More

There was a great discussion at the symposium yesterday on ‘IP Strategy, what has changed, what is changing?’ Here are my slides – I look forward to your comments too. IP Strategy – what has changed, what is changing? from DuncanBucknell

What is better for a product-based IP Strategy, an open system of innovation or a closed system?  The answer is both and neither, and here is why. Strategy, at its core, is the interplay between interaction and isolation.  Everything that you do in IP strategy, from the most complex to the most mundane, is to create favorable interactions and isolations between you, customers, partners, and competitors.  For example, the right to enforce… Read More

Having focused on the meaning and creation of learning organizations for a period in my life I can’t help coming back from time to time to thinking about organizations as living organisms. The metaphor actually makes quite a bit of sense…like an organism (human for example) each organization is made up of different composing parts with distinct functions all working together to reach specific common goals. If the function of one organ… Read More

This is an interesting mistake because you can find yourself doing the right thing while emphasizing the wrong thing.  It is certainly not a mistake to pursue licensing and monetary value from your IP portfolio.  It is a mistake when licensing happens tactically that could happen strategically. Marshall Phelps, an IP icon for his work at IBM and Microsoft, noted that the greater value of licensing for most innovator companies is not… Read More

Over the weekend I collected and read all the posts that I have written in my two years with Think IP Strategy straight through to pick out the common threads.  In doing so one element popped out at me, and I include it here within our list of mistakes.  This is the failure to lead.   The IP legal profession tends to attract a fairly conservative lot.  That has made industry transformation… Read More

Throughout some of my recent discussion with different companies and indeed one of the reoccurring themes since I have a started studying and working in the IP field is how to guide the organization towards capturing IP value and how to effectively do this on an on-going basis. Most often an asset deemed to be “valuable IP” would fall into one or more of the following categories: assets required for the company… Read More

The Summer Olympics are in just a few months, and center-stage are those athletes from around the World who have dedicated the last four years to achieving their personal goal. Top athletes need a supporting team with the relevant knowledge and experience to help their charges achieve their maximum potential. Selection will be based on a combination of attributes, including personal rapport, significant practical experience in the field, a record of success,… Read More

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