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A trend of industry over the last several decades has been to decouple innovation from manufacturing and move manufacturing to regions of the world that have lower labor costs.  While this trend has raised the immediate cost competitiveness of those manufacturers, it has come at the cost of teaching future competitors manufacturing those products the technical art of doing so and removing from innovators a core source of learning on how to… Read More

Over the weekend I collected and read all the posts that I have written in my two years with Think IP Strategy straight through to pick out the common threads.  In doing so one element popped out at me, and I include it here within our list of mistakes.  This is the failure to lead.   The IP legal profession tends to attract a fairly conservative lot.  That has made industry transformation… Read More

Throughout some of my recent discussion with different companies and indeed one of the reoccurring themes since I have a started studying and working in the IP field is how to guide the organization towards capturing IP value and how to effectively do this on an on-going basis. Most often an asset deemed to be “valuable IP” would fall into one or more of the following categories: assets required for the company… Read More

I have been listening to the book The Upside of Irrationality by Dan Areily, and he spends a considerable amount of time on an issue that comes up with small enterprises seeking to sell their creations to large enterprises that also have their own creativity groups.  Through a number of experiments he illustrates the natural tendency of creators to overvalue their work and the natural tendency of other creators to devalue outside… Read More

During the past decades, many of the regulatory and technical barriers to international market entry have been all but erased. This has made it easier for companies to expand their operations abroad, but has also making them more vulnerable to new competitive threats from companies abroad expanding into their markets. The decision to expand into international markets is and always should remain a business decision that carefully balances the benefits and risks… Read More

The strategic principle behind this mistake is one of the classics of strategy.  IP is opportunity and not exploiting an opportunity, especially a hard won opportunity, means to make an investment and not seek a reward. IP can be used within product solutions, it can be licensed, or it can otherwise be used to shape relationships with customers, partners, and competitors.  It will foster useful interactions or keep others from competing where… Read More

As IP strategy consultants, we spend the majority of our time advising clients on how to make the most of their IP.  What happens when the IP is our own? I have had in the back of my mind the lessons of our recent Mieza books as I begin activities to sell a documentary that I produced and co-directed on oceanic whitetip sharks.  You can see the trailer here that will show… Read More

Why would I want to be focused…? Economy of resources Spend your time wisely Spend your money wisely Tempo Making fast decision based on clear goals Limited distractions Market Defined niche Differentiate yourself Specialist on your product Closer understanding of your niche (both clients and competitors) Development Somewhat restricted opportunities Any drawbacks? What can go wrong…? Missing value generation opportunities Application in different markets (opportunities to engage with adjacent markets in effective… Read More

Welcome to the first edition of our Business podcast, recorded on 2 December 2010. In this new series, we take a closer look at business issues with intellectual property impact. In this show Christian Bjorkman from MindArk joins Jeremy Philips, Duncan and Ana to discuss MindArk, their business model, and related intellectual property issues. Here’s a quick snapshot about MindArk from their site: MindArk´s business model is to offer companies (Planet Partners)… Read More

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