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Einstein said: “life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Similarly, with businesses and business strategy. A business that does not move forward will lose its balance between profiting from existing business enterprises and building (or acquiring) new enterprises for future growth. Consider Kodak, a US colossus recently in the news, that focused so heavily on its existing film business that it failed to effectively harness… Read More

The strategic principle behind this mistake is one of the classics of strategy.  IP is opportunity and not exploiting an opportunity, especially a hard won opportunity, means to make an investment and not seek a reward. IP can be used within product solutions, it can be licensed, or it can otherwise be used to shape relationships with customers, partners, and competitors.  It will foster useful interactions or keep others from competing where… Read More

Why would I want to be focused…? Economy of resources Spend your time wisely Spend your money wisely Tempo Making fast decision based on clear goals Limited distractions Market Defined niche Differentiate yourself Specialist on your product Closer understanding of your niche (both clients and competitors) Development Somewhat restricted opportunities Any drawbacks? What can go wrong…? Missing value generation opportunities Application in different markets (opportunities to engage with adjacent markets in effective… Read More

Guest post by Marc Kaufman Determination of the quantitative value of patents has been elusive.  Complex statistical analysis and accounting methods have been applied to patents in an effort to ascribe a value to individual patents and patent portfolios.  While these endeavors are useful, it is important to keep in mind the very basic elements of patent portfolio value in order to execute a patent acquisition program that creates maximum value, regardless… Read More

Welcome to the IP Think Tank podcast for Thursday 18 November 2010. In this show Duncan is joined by Jeremy Philips, Joff Wild and Neil Wilkof to discuss: Vale Muffin – the cat who started it all; Vale EU Patent – will it ever happen?; IP auctions when to do them and nostalgic brands; and The IP opportunities in Royal Weddings. We hope you enjoy this week’s show, and as always, we… Read More

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