Duncan Bucknell


It ought to be a given that the IP portfolio should align with the salient benefits that salespeople for the associated products and services sell.  For example, if salespeople use safety in an accident as a key selling point for Volvo, then you should expect that an ample part of the R&D effort and associated IP would read on inventions for accident safety. Two key ways, although not the only ways, that… Read More

As we announced at the beginning of the month, to take advantage of all of us getting together as part of our annual team retreat, we have decided to organize a half a day event in Melbourne, Australia. When: 15th of March 2011 from 9am until 2pm (4pm if you wish) Where:  RACV Club, 501 Bourke St Melbourne What: a series of four 45min workshops conducted by top IP Strategists. The opportunity… Read More

Focus on the effect you wish your IP to have, not on the IP itself. On many occasions during IP strategy training courses I have given, I have suggested that patent strategists learn how to play the Chinese game of Go.  Go is a well-known game of strategy in the East, just as Chess is in the West.  The mindset needed to win the game of Go is similar to the mindset… Read More

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