Duncan Bucknell


Strategy without analysis is like turning up to play a sporting match when you don’t know what sport you’re playing, what equipment to bring, the rules, who your opponent is or indeed where to show up for the game. It’s not uncommon for far reaching errors to be made due to a simple lack of analysis.  The people involved may know what to do but never get that far because they didn’t… Read More

Recognition of the importance of IP and its potential use (and abuse) has improved dramatically over the past few decades. However, there is still a good deal of general public confusion about the different forms IP can take and the protection available. It just isn’t a topic that stimulates the masses, except when IP directly impacts on a particular group or touches on an emotive issue: Harvard mouse, HIV and cDNA patents… Read More

Sometimes the biggest mistake is the one you didn’t realise you made. IP laws that grant exclusivity do not leave value on the table for the next place finishers. Let’s look at patents first. With patents, filing too late is a serious mistake, especially in first to file countries, and could seem to leave little to expand upon in a blog posting. If you file for a patent after someone else, you… Read More

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