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Online Global Week in Review 11 Feb 11 from IP Think Tank

Here is Think IP Strategy’s weekly selection of top Online intellectual property news breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

Highlights this week included:

Slammed by judge, ACS:Law not allowed to drop file-sharing cases: Media C.A.T. v Adams (TorrentFreak) (TorrentFreak) (1709 Copyright Blog) (The Bright Spark) (Techdirt)

Competition trumps IP in footie decoder pub brawl: Football Association Premier League Ltd & Others v QC Leisure & Others, Karen Murphy v Media Protection Services Ltd (IPKat) (1709 Blog) (1709 Blog) (IPKat) (Azrights)

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Global – General

Google’s ‘Bing Sting’ takes a punt at Microsoft, but is it really copying? (IPKat)

Global – Copyright

Can journalism handle the technology/copyright interface? (IPKat)

OpenAttribute: Making creative commons attribution easy (PlagiarismToday)

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 184 includes Google ‘censors’ pirate keywords, Spanish copyright reform, MPAA/BREIN shutdown 50 bittorrent sites etc (PlagiarismToday)

Paying it forward: (c) sorts it out, badly – Soundcloud pulls Lowdjo’s tracks over sampling same Turkish rock tracks as Gonjasufi and Gaslampkiller (Public Knowledge)

PK In the Know podcast – making money by giving away music, Apple iTunes store controversy (Public Knowledge)

Envisional study ‘Technical Report: An Estimate of Infringing Use of the Internet’ (TorrentFreak)

WordPress, Movable Type and why licensing matters (PlagiarismToday)

Global – Trade Marks & Domain Names

Veto power for governments against any Internet domain name? (IP Watch) (Ars Technica)

Global – Patents

The biggest cross-licensing deal the world has ever seen? IBM and Samsung patent licensing deal (IAM)


Nortel bond yields rise as investors await patent auction news (IAM) (IP finance)

Canadian Bar Association brief on Bill C-32 now available (Excess Copyright) (Michael Geist)

Consumers’ rights in copyrighted works: a play back for balance on Bill C-32 ‘trio provisions’ (IP Osgoode)

Canadian Council of Archives on C-32: Digital lock rules disastrous for long-term access (Michael Geist)


What is the superlative of contributory liability?… Local state supervision liability? (IP Dragon)


Competition trumps IP in footie decoder pub brawl: Football Association Premier League Ltd & Others v QC Leisure & Others, Karen Murphy v Media Protection Services Ltd (IPKat) (1709 Blog) (1709 Blog) (IPKat) (Azrights)

EPO puts an end to the practice of resurrecting invalid claims in a divisional application: T 0051/08 Res iudicata in a divisional application/CANON (Kluwer Patent Blog)


Police arrest five in operation to shut down popular file-sharing forum (TorrentFreak)


Israel patent law retroactively amended to take care of internet publication issue (The IP Factor)

Software patents in Israel – Guidelines on hold (The IP Factor)


Rambus wins against Micron after long Italian litigation (Kluwer Patent Blog)


Usenet portal loses landmark court case against BREIN (TorrentFreak)

United Kingdom

Slammed by judge, ACS:Law not allowed to drop file-sharing cases: Media C.A.T. v Adams (TorrentFreak) (TorrentFreak) (1709 Copyright Blog) (The Bright Spark) (Techdirt)

ACS:Law and MediaCAT completely shut down both their businesses (TorrentFreak) (1709 Copyright Blog)

United States

US Patents – Decisions

District Court E D Texas: Shrinking verdict – new trial changes damages from $52 million to $8.5: LaserDynamics v. Asus Computer International (

District Court E D Texas: Bilski does not invalidate patent claiming ‘electronic payment system’ involving a non-cash ‘spending vehicle’: H&R Block v Jackson Hewitt Tax Service (Docket Report)

US Patents – Lawsuits and strategic steps

Apple – Apple IP on input devices (IPBiz)

Broadcom – ALJ Charneski’s initial determination based on a settlement agreement terminates both enforcement and modification proceedings in Certain GPS Devices and Products Containing the Same (ITC 337 Update)

Freescale Semiconductor – Chief ALJ Luckern suspends procedural schedule and evidentiary hearing indefinitely in Certain Integrated Circuits, Chipsets, and Products Containing Same Including Televisions, Media Players, and Cameras (ITC 337 Update)

HTC – ALJ Bullock issues claim construction order in Certain Portable Electronic Devices and Related Software (ITC 337 Law Blog)

LG – ITC issues notice terminating investigation based on settlement in Certain Video Displays (ITC 337 Law Blog)

LG – LG files new 337 complaint regarding certain electronic devices having a blu-ray disc player (ITC 337 Law Blog)

LG – New complaint filed by LG Electronics against Sony – Certain Digital Televisions and Components Thereof (ITC 337 Update) (ITC 337 Law Blog)

Mesh Comm – Smart Meter patent suit survives Silver Spring’s indefiniteness challenge (Green Patent Blog)

Microsoft – Patent reexamination statutes before Supreme Court: Microsoft v i4i (Patents Post Grant) (Patently-O)

Panasonic – ALJ Charneski suspends all procedural deadlines in Certain Large Scale Integrated Circuit Semiconductor Chips and Products Containing Same (ITC 337 Update)

Research in Motion – Right of appeal notice in RIM reexamination of Visto patent (Reexamination Alert)

Rovi – ALJ Gildea orders Markman hearing in Certain Products Containing Interactive Program Guides (ITC 337 Law Blog)

Sony – New complaint filed with ITC by Sony against LG re certain display devices including digital televisions and monitors (ITC 337 Update)

Verizon – ALJ Gildea issues public version of order granting Verizon’s motion for summary determination that it satisfies the economic prong in Certain Digital Set-Top Boxes and Components Thereof (ITC 337 Law Blog)

US Copyright

Meet Evan Stone, P2P pirate hunter (Ars Technica)

US Officials score a touchdown in fight against online counterfeits (IPKat)

MPAA snags Google downloading torrents, threatens to disconnect (TorrentFreak)

Big Cable fed up with endless P2P porn subpoenas (Ars Technica)

US Copyright – Lawsuits and strategic steps

Call of the Wild – EFF to judge: Watch for fairness in mass copyright suits: Call of the Wild v. Does 1-1062 (EFF)

Liberty Media – That’s not an adult website fee, it’s a settlement payment! (IP Whiteboard)

Mick Haig Productions – P2P lawyer accused of issuing ISP subpoenas without court approval (Ars Technica)

MPAA – MPAA sues Hotfile for ‘staggering’ copyright infringement (Ars Technica)

Nu Image – Makers of ‘The Expendables’ sue 6,500 BitTorrent users (TorrentFreak)

OpenMind Solutions – Reverse class-action? It’s the latest tactic in P2P wars (Ars Technica)

Sony – Sony lawyers now targeting anyone who posts PlayStation 3 hack (ArsTechnica)

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