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IP Think Tank Global Week in Review – 27 June 2008

Here is IP Think Tank’s weekly selection of top intellectual property news breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

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Highlights this week included:

Court reconsidering baseless ‘making available’ theory in file-sharing case Capitol Records v Jammie Thomas; amicus briefs from, MPAA, PFF: (Electronic Frontier Foundation), (Electronic Fontier Foundation), (Techdirt), (Ars Technica), (Patry Copyright Blog), (Patry Copyright Blog)

ICANN approves rules allowing brands to be registered as gTLDs: potential TLD-squatting, confusion, gold rush, money-grab: (Managing Intellectual Property), (Ars Technica), (Class 46), (IP finance), (Techdirt), (Canadian Trademark Blog), (Intellectual Property Watch),

Disclaimer from familial patent nullifies infringement: Heuft Systemtechnik GmbH v Industrial Dynamics Co (non-precedential): (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (Patent Prospector), (Hal Wegner), (IP Law360), (ISinIP),




Global – General

Conference reflections – IP Business Congress 2008 (Amsterdam): (IP Thinktank),

Lex Mundi’s IP commercialisation survey published: (IP finance),

WIPO to host forum to assist LDCs with establishing IP offices: (Daily Dose of IP),

The chief IP counsel, the CEO and business strategy: (Financial Aspects of Intellectual Property),

Why CEOs should be chief IP officers: (IAM),

More details on the challenge to Francis Gurry’s nomination as new WIPO DG: (IAM)


Global – Trade Marks / Domain Names / Brands

New TLD .tel sunrise period to start 3 December: (Managing Intellectual Property),

ICANN approves rules allowing brands to be registered as gTLDs: potential TLD-squatting, confusion, gold rush, money-grab: (Managing Intellectual Property), (Ars Technica), (Class 46), (IP finance), (Techdirt), (Canadian Trademark Blog), (Intellectual Property Watch),

Domain name system set for expansion: (Managing Intellectual Property),

Colour branding & IP strategy: (IP Thinktank),

Click time – Keywords, sponsored links and IP infringements: (IP Thinktank),

WIPO: Domain name to be transferred to Dr Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG: (Class 46),

WIPO: Yell Limited v domain name to be transferred to Yell Limited: (Class 46),

Some see rise in non-traditional trade marks; national registries not yet: (Intellectual Property Watch)


Global – Patents

Lower patentability standards – strategic responses: (IP Thinktank),

IP Business Congress sees Finnish inventor become a millionaire: (IAM),

Ron Slusky: Five prescriptions for effectively analysing an invention and then claiming it: (Patently-O),

LexisNexis offers prior art database: (Securing Innovation),

WIPO Patent Committee opens way to new thinking on future work plan: (Intellectual Property Watch),

WIPO Patent Committee meeting addressing international patent policy may end early after apparent agreement to recommend continuation of committee next year and possible focus on 20 issues: (Intellectual Property Watch),

WIPO Patent Committee names Chair, begins focus on global status report: (Intellectual Property Watch), (KEI), (IP tango),

United Nations Framework for Climate Change Convention requiring a new patent regime?: (Spicy IP),

It’s a mad idea, but it might just work – Sun’s decision to reduce number of patent applications: (IAM)

More alternative ADR practices: preventing patent shark attacks: (The IP ADR Blog),

The ADR: insurance and indemnity agreements – protecting against patent terrorists: (The IP ADR Blog),

Language and IP value and valuation: (Pat Sullivan’s Blog)


Global – Copyright

Grammy winner, Joss Stone, shows support for music piracy: (Techdirt),

Did you know that most books published between 1923 and 1963 are in the public domain?: (The Invent Blog),

Impressive work on history of ‘Happy Birthday’ and copyright protection: (Innovationpartners),

Gender and copyright: (Patry Copyright Blog)



1 July: US PLI: ‘Prior art & obviousness 2008: The PTO and CAFC perspective on patent law sections 102 & 103’ – New York: (Patent Docs),

1-2 July – C5 conference on intellectual asset management for high-tech industries – Paris: (,

2 July, 30 October: IBC Informa conference on ‘intangible assets: maximising shareholder value’- London: (IPKat),

3 July – C5 master class on maximising efficiency of your patent mining operations – Paris: (,

3, 4 July: Management Forum ‘Intellectual Property Conference 2008’ – London: (IPKat),

4 July: Proton Europe workshop on ‘valorisation of IP’ – Brussels: (IPR-Helpdesk),

7 July: PLI briefing webcast ‘Life after Quanta v LGE: What every patent lawyer needs to know’: (PLI),

7-15 July/16-18 July: 2nd Transatlantic IP summer academy, modules one and two – Alicante/Milan: (IPKat),

11 July: CIPA moot to improve participants’ understanding of procedures of EPO Technical Boards of Appeal – London: (IPKat),

16 July: US LSI ‘Patent claim construction workshop’ – Seattle: (Patent Docs),

17-18 July: WIPO ‘International conference on IP management education and research’ – Geneva: (IPR-Helpdesk),

21-23 July: EU ATRIP meeting on future of European patent system – Munich: (IPR-Helpdesk),

24-25 July / 11-12 August: US PLI: ‘Advanced patent prosecution workshop 2008: Claim drafting & amendment writing’: New York / San Francisco: (Patent Docs),

30-31 July: IACCM ‘ask the expert’ call; Duncan Bucknell leading discussion on IP strategy: (IP ThinkTank),

11-12 September: US LSI: 4th annual conference on ‘Current issues in complex IP licensing’ – Philadelphia: (Patent Docs),

11 September/15 October: PLI seminar on developments in pharmaceutical and biotech patent law – New York/San Francisco: (Patent Docs),

15-16 September: UniForum & SAIIPL domain name ADR workshop – Centurion (South Africa): (Afro-IP),

15-16 September: US ACI 10th advanced forum on biotech patents – Boston: (Generic Pharmaceuticals & IP), (Patent Docs),

16-19 September: 22nd MARQUES annual conference – Noordwijk: (IPKat),

22-23 September: US: ACI FDA boot camp conference – Boston: (Patent Docs),

22-23 September: ACI USPTO boot camp: patent edition conference – Alexandria: (Patent Docs),

22-23 September / 6-7 October / 23-24 October / 10-11 November / 17-18 November – PLI patent litigation 2008 seminar – San Francisco / McLean / Chicago / Atlanta / New York: (Patent Docs),

23 September: CLT 3rd annual IP law and the fashion industry conference – London: (IPKat),

24 September: 2008 INTA/WIPO international forum on trade marks and industrial designs – Brussels: (IPKat),

1-3 October: University of Helsinki ‘One right system for IP – vision impossible’ – Finland: (IPKat),

15-16 October: ACI 9th annual maximising pharmaceutical patent life cycles – New York: (Patent Baristas), (Patent Docs),

15-16 October: Center for Business Intelligence pharmaceutical congress on paragraph IV disputes – Philadelphia: (Philip Brooks),

23-28 October: EPO patent information conference – Stockholm: (EPO),

26 November: CLT conference on copying without infringing – London: (IPKat)


Pharma & Biotech

Pharma & Biotech – General

‘Inventing around’ patents: Astra v Mylan and implications for the ‘access’ debate: (Spicy IP),

Access to Medicine Index released– GSK leads the world in access to medicine rankings as generic companies trail: (IAM), (Spicy IP),

A round of bio-piracy for all: (Spicy IP),

Pfizer-Ranbaxy deal might signal trend: (Managing Intellectual Property),

FierceBiotech announces the ‘Fierce 15’ biotech companies for 2008: (Patent Docs),

Canada: Amendments to the Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Regulations on 12 June 2008: (Pharmacapsules@Gowlings),

China: Generic drugs from China coming soon to US: (GenericsWeb),

Egypt opens doors to GM pest-proof corn crop: (Afro-IP),

Europe: EPO hears WARF arguments for patent relating to human embryonic stem cells: (IPKat),

Europe: EC has medical devices in its sights – EMA may need to evaluate high-risk medical devices: (Pharmacapsules@Gowlings),

Latin America – Research and Markets’ ‘Outlook for Pharmaceuticals in Latin America to 2013’ shows good signs for pharma patenting: (IP tango),

US: Reports on BIO 2008: (Holman’s Biotech IP Blog), (Patent Docs)

US: Docs at BIO 2008: Panel discusses impact of USPTO rules changes and patent reform legislation on biotech patenting: (Patent Docs),

US: Docs at Bio 2008: ‘Gotcha’ games continue at USPTO: (Patent Docs),

US: Life sciences companies spent record amount on lobbying efforts in 2007: (California Biotech Law Blog),

US: Patent profile: Chemokine Therapeutics announces issuance of two patents for chemokine-based therapies: (Patent Docs),

US: An analysis of the new written description training materials – protein variants: (Patent Docs),

US: Bio-Rad files lawsuit against Eppendorf North America over cell DNA absorption patents: (IP Law360),


Pharma & Biotech – Products

Altace (Ramipril) – US: FDA denies King Pharma’s citizen petition concerning Altace, approves Ramipril ANDAs: (Orange Book Blog),

Arixtra (Fondaparinux) – Alchemia patents granted for generic Fondaparinux: (GenericsWeb),

Lexapro (Escitalopram) – US: Federal Circuit refuses to rehear Caraco v Forest, in which the Federal Circuit held that an ANDA applicant may in some circumstances bring DJ action for noninfringement even if patentee granted applicant covenant not to sue: (Orange Book Blog),

Lipitor (Atorvastatin) – Global: Ranbaxy and Pfizer settle Lipitor patent litigation around the globe with the exception of Finland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and Romania: (Spicy IP),

Lipitor (Atorvastatin) – South Korea: Pfizer’s Lipitor patent invalidated in South Korea: (IP Law360),

Meridia (Sibutramine) – Canada: Court finds no basis for adding patent to Patent Register: Abbott Laboratories Limited v Canada (Minister of Health): (Pharmacapsules@Gowlings),

Olux (Clobetasol propionate) – US: Connetics, Agis settle Olux patent infringement suit: (IP Law360),

Prilosec (Omeprazole) – US: Chris Ohly analysis of Omeprazole patent litigation: (Spicy IP),

Viagra (Sildenafil) – Canada: Federal Court finds Pfizer’s application an abuse of process and improper attempt to relitigate validity: Pfizer Canada Inc et al v Novopharm Limited et al: (Pharmacapsules@Gowlings),

Yasmin (Drospirenone) – US: Bayer to supply generic Yasmin to Barr, upholds appeal in patent dispute: (GenericsWeb),



Ghana acceding to Geneva Act, entering into force 16 September 2008: (Afro-IP),

Kenya: Anti-Counterfeit Bill – progress report: (Afro-IP),

Kenya to protect its traditional knowledge and artefacts: (Afro-IP),

South Africa: Mr Video to pay punitive damages for copyright infringement: (Afro-IP),

South Africa: Waning influence of Schultz v Butt (re copying 3D utilitarian objects) clear from High Court decision in Van der Merwe & Anor v Els & Anor: (Afro-IP),

South Africa: 2010 World Cup music rights: whose right?: (Afro-IP),

Tanzania promises to protect Zanzibar henna art: (Afro-IP)



Federal Court of Appeals holds appellant had no legitimate interest in registering VIRGIN for goods in class 32 and 33: Virgin Enterprises Ltd v Cafe La Virginia SA: (IP tango)



Copyright in project homes: The battle continues and the benefits of ‘independent creation’: Inform Design and Construction Pty Ltd v Boutique Homes Melbourne Pty Ltd: (IPRoo),

ACIP PBR enforcement options paper: (IPwar’s),

Patent ‘rocket’ procedures: Black & Decker Inc v GMCA Pty Ltd: (IPwar’s),

New requirements to qualify as patent or trade mark attorney: (IPwar’s),

Attorney-General’s Department: Copyright review – format shifting: (IPRoo), (IPwar’s),

Copyright ownership and implied terms for use: Centrestage Management Pty Ltd v Riedle: (IPRoo),

High Court – Patents: Contributory infringement: Northern Territory of Australia v Collins & Anor: (IPRoo),

Copyright breach sentence appeal: Plunkett v Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions: (IPRoo),

Section 223 extension of time granted: Peter John Ward v Embrey Attachments and The Stanley Works: (IPRoo),

Using Corporations Law remedies where IP rights are disputed in consequence of the termination of a joint venture: Showtime Management Australia Pty Ltd v Showtime Presents Pty Ltd: (Australian Trade Marks Law Blog)



Weak dollar leads to higher filing fees in Brazil: (IP tango),

Having won trade dispute over cotton, Brazil may follow Antigua in asking WTO for permission to ignore US copyrights and patents: (Excess Copyright), (Techdirt)



Alberta court orders damages over domain name ‘sabotage’ by registering similar domain name and forwarding it to pornographic website: Inform Cycle Ltd v Draper: (Michael Geist), (,

University of Calgary funds open access authors’ fund: (Michael Geist),

Conservative MP and Industry Committee chair James Rajotte’s response to C-61: (Michael Geist),

Controversy over Bill C-61: (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist),

61 reforms to C-61: (Day 1: Remedy the lack of consultation – Michael Geist), (Day 2: Format shifting limited to videocassettes – Michael Geist), (Day 3: Format shifting subject to digital lock provision – Michael Geist), (Day 4: Format shifting’s 12 step approval process – Michael Geist),

Fair Copyright for Canada principles; local chapters: (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist),

Copyright Act incorporating C-61 provisions: (Michael Geist),

A week in the life of the Canadian DMCA: (Part 5 – Michael Geist),



China’s new national IP rights strategy puts IP on its political agenda: (Intellectual Property Watch),

China’s history of invention: (China Rises)



Patent damages: the European landscape: (Philip Brooks),

ECJ: AG sets out dilution criteria: Case C-252/07 Intel v CPM: (Managing Intellectual Property), (Class 46), (IPKat),

CFI rules Polar and Polaris insufficiently similar to confuse discerning consumers: Case T-79/07 SHS Polar Sistemas Informáticos SL v OHIM, Polaris Software Lab Ltd: (Class 46),

Director of General Affairs and External Relations on OHIM’s success: (Class 46),

Collecting societies under threat? – draft EC decision: (IPKat),

CFI rejects opposition on grounds that ‘l’Altra Moda’ and ‘Alba Moda’ figurative marks marks are dissimilar: Case T-224/06 Otto GmbH & Co KG v OHIM, L’Altra Moda SpA: (Class 46),

CFI hands down decision on ZIPCAR, CICAR and conceptual distinctions: Case T-36/07 Zipcar, Inc v OHIM, Canary Islands Car, SL: (Class 46),

Operation scuttle – latest news of renumbering of EU trade mark laws: (IPKat),

Massive reputation of SPA in Benelux blocks MINERAL SPA CTM: Case T-93-06 Mülhens GmbH & Co KG v OHIM, Spa Monopole, compagnie fermière de Spa SA/NV: (Class 46)

Coca-Cola opposition to San Polo’s application for CTM registration of MEZZOPANE fails again: (Catch Us If You Can!!!)

Examine this – difference in Dudas and Brimelow’s response to pendency problems: (Patent Prospector),



Paris Court of Appeal upholds lower court’s finding of trade mark infringement and increases damages: Sedo v Société des Hôtels Méridien: (International Law Office),

French Cabinet back ‘educational’ three-strikes law to tackle P2P copyright infringement: (Ars Technica)



Federal Patent Court: Insolvency of trade mark proprietor and trade mark renewal fees: (Class 46),

Higher Regional Court of Hamburg order prohibiting Google from using ‘Gmail’ mark for email services in Germany: (Class 46),

Federal Patent Court guidelines on ‘MEN/MISS’ trade mark adjuncts: (Class 46)



Kerala’s IPR policy: (Spicy IP),

Piracy in design law: (International Law Office)



GI controversy surrounding ‘Pashmina’ (guest post by Latha Nair): (Spicy IP)



New GI project between Jamaica and Switzerland launched: (International Law Office)



Amendments update patent system for licenses, appeals and fees: (International Law Office)



WIPO DG holds talks with President of Kyrgyz Republic; pledges support in strengthening IP system: (WIPO)



Sunrise and grandfather periods apply during September for new domain names: (Class 46)



Supreme Administrative Court holds ‘spirytus rektyfikowany’ (rectified spirit) for alcoholic beverages not fanciful mark but descriptive term: (Class 46)



New provisions on counterfeit and pirated goods: (Class 46)



IP applicants no longer required to provide Israel boycott declaration: (Rouse & Co International)


United Arab Emirates

Qatar boosts research fund aimed at creating IPRs: (Intellectual Property Watch)


United Kingdom

High Court rules Ocean Healthcare infringed Allergan’s BOTOX trade mark when it used BOTOINA in cosmetic product; Allergan has initiated similar cases in 75 countries: (IPKat)

UKIPO press release on Trading Standards Consumer Affairs Conference regarding fighting IP crime: (IPKat),

TV licensing to fine unlicensed officers where staff watch TV online: (Out-Law),

Workplaces need a music licence – but enforcement unfair, says Federation of Small Businesses: (Out-Law),

Tentative blow against rights of satellite broadcasters to protect exclusive rights to broadcast football games to subscribers in individual EU countries; Football Association Premier League & Ors v QC Leisure & Ors to go to ECJ: (IPKat),

Higgs v R: Modchip slipups revealed – Modchips not legal and Sony v Ball not overturned: (IPKat),

UK ISPs, record labels in talks over P2P warnings for users: (Ars Technica), (Techdirt),

Court of Appeal allows WL Gore’s application for expedited hearing in patent battle with Geox: (IPKat),

Dr Persuad suspended from medical practice for three months over plagiarism: (IPKat),

Claimants miss out on summary judgment but obtain injunctive relief on trade mark infringement and passing off case Lloyd’s & Anor v Lloyd’s Publishing Group Ltd: (IPKat)


United States

US General

Preventing and defending trade secret claims: (IP Law360),

Federal Circuit announces proposed amendments to its internal operating procedures: (Patently-O),

2008 USTR Special 301 Report summary: (IP Justice),

IP valuation issues in bankruptcy: (IP Law360)


US Patent Reform

Reexamination reform: structural changes needed at the PTO, or why post-grant reform may be meaningless: (Hal Wegner),

John McCain’s prize system: $300 million for battery power: (Patently-O), (IP finance),

Examine this – difference in Dudas and Brimelow’s response to pendency problems: (Patent Prospector),


US Patents

House passes HR 6344 governing patent term extensions based on regulatory review delay: (Patent Baristas),

US: $65,000,000 for a PTE application? That’s living the high life: (Anticipate This!)

IBM’s Kappos says Big Blue is opposed to business method patents: (IAM),

USPTO proposes PCT fee increase: (Daily Dose of IP),

System integrators should consider Quanta decision: (IP Law360),

Ex parte re-examination statistics II: (Patently-O),

Perfecting security interests in IP: (IP Spotlight),

Winning the claim construction crap shoot: (IP Law360),

Appealing non-final rejections in continuing applications: (Patentably Defined),

Microsoft’s patenting trend: (Patently-O), (Techdirt),

University research and funding: bridging the ‘expectation gap’: (IP finance),

Patent bully or wise IP strategist? – Nuance patent suit against Vlingo: (Intellectual Property Directions),

Self motivation and quality: (just_an_examiner)

Discussion of D Geradin, A Layne-Farrar and A J Padilla’s ‘Elves or Trolls? The Role of Non-Practising Patent Owners in the Innovation Economy’: (Patent Prospector),

‘Patent trolls’ can boost competition according to experts: (IP Law360),

Peer-to-patent pilot program report: (Securing Innovation), (Managing Intellectual Property),

Tax patent legislation: excusing infringement of patented tax planning methods: (Patently-O), (Techdirt)


US Copyright

Copyright Office to launch electronic claim system: (IP Law360),

Radio stations, RIAA trade barbs at hearing over royalties: (Ars Technica),

Performance Rights Act reversing exemption sparing radio stations from paying royalties to performers approved by House subcommittee: (IP Law360),

Democracy Now! interview with Gilberto Gil (including discussion of creative commons): (Lessig), (


US Trademarks

Domain name disputes: YouTube, CTV and American Girl decided by arbitrators from the National Arbitration Forum: (IP ADR Blog)


US – Companies / Entities

Abbott Laboratories – Church & Dwight scores $29M in doubled damages from Abbott in patent battle over pregnancy tests: (IP Law360),

Abbott Laboratories – District Court rules Abbot’s blood-glucose test strip patent invalid in lawsuit against several competitors including Bayer Healthcare: (IP Law360),

Adidas – Adidas sues Wal-Mart for trade mark infringement over striped shoes: (The Trademark Blog),

Advanced Medical Optics – Rival eye-care companies, Advanced Medical Optics and Alcon enter patent cross licensing deal relating to implantable lenses: (IP Law360),

Aloft – Aloft sues Yahoo, AT&T, AOL over browser patents: (IP Law360),

American Greetings – In dispute over Strawberry Shortcake brand, American Greetings secures injunction to stop DIC being taken over by Cookie Jar Entertainment: (IPKat),

Apple – Clear with Computers files patent infringement suit against Apple and Hewlett-Packard over custom configuration ordering systems: (Ars Technica),

Applied Medical – Unclaimed structure still relevant to § 112 ¶ 6 infringement analysis: Applied Medical v US Surgical: (Patent Appeal Tracer),

Associated Press – Associated Press quotes blogger in article explaining complaint against bloggers quoting AP; AP later announces matter closed: (Techdirt), (Techdirt), (Public Knowledge),

Biomet – Randy D Fields file suit accusing Biomet of trade secret breach: (IP Law360),

Boston Duck Tours – Federal Circuit rules ‘Duck Tours’ is generic in trade mark dispute between Boston Duck Tours and Super Duck Tours: (Technology & Marketing Law Blog),

Boston Scientific – Wyeth, Cordis dismiss patent suit against Boston Scientific over medical stents: (IP Law360),

Bridgeport Music – Protective order allows UMG, Napster, Apple and Yahoo to provide limited information about operative agreements between them in copyright case brought by Bridgeport Music: (IP Law360),

Cognex – Cognex files defamation action against VCode Holdings (aka Acacia) over the company’s conduct during patent dispute: (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog),

Comcast – Technology Development and Licensing files lawsuit against Comcast alleging infringement of a patent for television set-top boxes: (IP Law360),

Cypress Semiconductor Corp – California Court of Appeal defines statute of limitations period for third-party trade secret actions: Cypress Semiconductor Corp v Superior Ct: (IP Law Observer),

DaimlerChrysler – Erich Spangenberg caught shuffling patents and made to pay $4M in legal fees to DaimlerChrysler: (Techdirt),

DeepNines – Summary judgment of patent noninfringement mostly granted: DeepNines, Inc v McAfee, Inc: (,

Discover Financial Services – Discover, NextCard settle patent dispute: (IP Law360),

Ennova Direct – Resolving part of lawsuit brought by Ennova, Nspire Systems consents to judgment of infringement and agrees to pull flash memory drive with retractable USB connectors off the market: (IP Law360),

Erbe – Erbe and Canady appeal split judgement in their dispute over patents related to endoscopic probes and electrosurgical units and trade mark rights in the colour blue: (Patent Appeal Tracer),

Ernst & Young – Ernst & Young accuses Publisher Entrepreneur Media Inc of trade mark infringement concerning its ‘Entrepreneur of Year Award’ program: (IP Law360),

Expedia – Expedia, settle over patent related to displaying information on websites: (IP Law360),

Facebook – District judge enforces settlement agreement between Facebook and ConnectU ending trade secrets misappropriation litigation between the companies: (IP Law360),

FreshLoc Technologies – FreshLoc files patent infringement suit against RF Code, Parco Merged Media Corp, Time Domain Corp, and Wavetrend Technologies over RFID tracking technology: (IP Law360),

General Motors – Northern District of Illinios District Court on claims construction: similar terms require consistent constructions: Fernandez Innovative Techs v General Motors Corp: (Chicago IP Litigation Blog),

Google – Appeal briefs submitted in iLOR v Google patent dispute: (Patent Appeal Tracer),

Google – LimitNone files trade secrets suit against Google claiming the internet giant stole design and program for Google Email Uploader application: (IP Law360),

Hearst Corp – Hearst, publisher of ‘Cosmopolitan’ women’s magazine, files trade mark infringement lawsuit against developers of Las Vegas resort and casino using the same name: (The Trademark Blog),

Hearts on Fire – Hearts on Fire files complaint alleging Blue Nile purchases ‘hearts on fire’ as keyword and used the term in the text of its advertisements: (The Trademark Blog),

Heuft Systemtechnik – Disclaimer from familial patent nullifies infringement: Heuft Systemtechnik GmbH v Industrial Dynamics Co (non-precedential): (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (Patent Prospector), (Hal Wegner), (IP Law360), (ISinIP),

In-n-Out Burger – In-n-Out Burger sues Joe’s In-n-Out Burger for trade mark and trade dress infringement: (The TrademarkBlog),

LA Biomed – 9th Circuit applies Federal Circuit law in interpreting contract to assing patent rights: Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute v White: (Patently-O),

LSI Corp – Patent infringement suit between LSI and Agere Systems over computer chip method patent stayed pending ITC decision: (IP Law360),

Mars – Judge won’t dismiss Robert Burck (aka Naked Cowboy) trade mark case against blue M&M wearing underpants and cowboy hat: (IP Law360),

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures – CAFC affirms decision against heirs of Pink Panther author and grants copyright ownership to MGM: (IP Law360), (Patry Copyright Blog),

Micron Technology – Motion to compel discovery regarding plaintiff’s patent licensing practices granted in part: MOSAID Technologies Inc v Micron Technology, Inc et al: (,

Microsoft – District Court in San Diego upholds patent infringement verdict and orders Microsoft to pay Alcatel-Lucent $511.6M in damages and interest: (Copyfight), (IP Law360), (Patent Prospector),

Minka Lighting – CAFC overturns lower court’s summary judgment of noninfringement in patent case Minka Lighting v Reliance Lighting: (Patent Appeal Tracer),

Monster Cable Products – Motion to transfer venue denied in patent case Monster Cable Products v Trippe Manufacturing Co: (,

NCR – NCR files copyright suit against BancTec claiming it copied diagnostic software: (IP Law360),

Nuijten – Patent academics including John Duffy, Dennis Crouch and Mark Lemley file amici brief before Supreme Court to overturn CAFC ruling that transient signals not patentable: (Hal Wegner), (Patent Prospector),

Quanta – Supreme Court reverses CAFC decision in Quanta v LG Electronics; method patents exhaustible: (Anticipate This!), (Intellectual Property Watch), (Ladas & Parry),

RealSource – CAFC affirms lower court ruling that defendant’s gift cards do not infringe plaintiff’s patent: Realsource v Best Buy, Circuit City, Starbucks, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Costco, Lowe’s (non-precedential): (Patent Prospector),

Research in Motion – St Clair Intellectual Property Consultants files lawsuit against RIM, General Imaging claiming infringement of four patents for formatting digital media: (IP Law360),

Research In Motion – Wi-LAN sues RIM, Motorola and ATStarCom in East Texas concerning patents on mobile hand-held devices: (IP Law360), (Techdirt),

RIAA – Court reconsidering baseless ‘making available’ theory in file-sharing case Capitol Records v Jammie Thomas; amicus briefs from, MPAA, PFF: (Electronic Frontier Foundation), (Electronic Fontier Foundation), (Techdirt), (Ars Technica), (Patry Copyright Blog), (Patry Copyright Blog)

RIAA – Federal judge upholds $107,834 in attorneys’ fees award against RIAA: Atlantic v Andersen: (Ars Technica),

RIAA – RIAA drops Warner v Cassin, replaces it with Warner v Does 1-4 assigned to different judge: (IPKat),

SAP – SAP to pay i2 Technologies $83M to settle patent dispute over supply chain management computer programs: (IP Law360),

Scanner Technologies – CAFC: Misrepresentation does NOT have to bear on patentability for inequitable conduct; vacates costs award: Scanner Technologies v ICOS Vision Systems: (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (Patent Prospector), (IP Law360),

Shure – Limiting the number of claims construed: Hearing Components v Shure: (Patently-O),

Siemens – Acacia unit, Hospital Systems Corp, settles patent claims with Siemens Medical Solutions: (IP Law360),

Sony BMG Music Entertainment – Judge dismisses download royalties class action against Sony: (IP Law360),

TomTom – Patent lawsuit involving rival auto navigation system makers TomTom and Aisin dismissed at request of both parties: (IP Law360),

Toyota – No copyright in digital models of cars: Meshwerks v Toyota: (The Gray Blog),

Trainman Lantern Company – Trainman Lantern wins summary judgment of non-infringement: A G Design & Assoc, LLC v Trainman Lantern Company, Inc: (Washington State Patent Law Blog),

TransCore – TransCore appeals from SJ order finding TransCaore is stopped from suing Electronic Transaction for patent infringement due to earlier settlement with third party: (Patent Appeal Tracer),

Typhoon Touch Technologies – Typhoon adds 10 companies, including Apple, Nokia, and LG Electronics, to touch screen patent suit: (IP Law360), (Ars Technica),

Universal Music Group – First sale doctrine protects sale of promotional music CDs originally distributed with alleged restrictive licenses: UMG Recordings v Augusto: (The Gray Blog),

Varian Medical Systems – University of Pittsburgh files suit against Varian in California over radiation treatment patents on same day it lost right to pursue similar case in Pennsylvania: (Philip Brooks),

Vonage – Vonage settles Web Telephony’s VoIP patent suit: (IP Law360),

Warren Freedenfeld Associates – Application of the discovery rule in copyright infringement cases: Warren Freedenfeld Associates v Michael McTigue: (Patry Copyright Blog),

Wi-LAN – Marvell, Wi-LAN end spat over circuit patents: (IP Law360),

Wound Care Education Institute – Chicago seminars create personal jurisidiction in trade mark and copyright case: Wound Care Educ. Institute v Thomas: (Chicago IP Litigation Blog)

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