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IP Think Tank Global Week in Review – 18 July 2008

Here is IP Think Tank’s weekly selection of top intellectual property news breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

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Highlights this week included:

EU Commission adopts proposal to extend copyright protection to performing artists from 50 to 95 years: (IPKat), (Out-Law), (IP Law360), (Patry Copyright Blog), (IPEG), (Techdirt), (Techdirt),

 ‘Triway’ USPTO, EPO, JPO patent work-sharing pilot starts 28 July: (IP Updates), (Patent Docs), (Patent Prospector), (EPO), (Innovationpartners), (IP Law360),

Federal judge rules burden of policing eBay for counterfeits is Tiffany’s: (Ars Technica), (Technology & Marketing Law Blog), (Techdirt), (Counterfeit Chic), (Intellectual Property Law Blog), (The Trademark Blog), (IP Law360), (Electronic Frontier Foundation), (The Gray Blog), (Technology & Marketing Law Blog), (43(B)log), (Public Knowledge), (Out-Law), (Daily Dose of IP), (IP Updates), (IP Law360), (The Trademark Blog),

Teva announces intention to file patent infringement suit against Momenta/Sandoz over generic Copaxone ANDA: Momenta, Novartis challenge Teva’s Copaxone patent: (Philip Brooks), (The IP Factor), (SmartBrief), (Philip Brooks), (Patent Circle),

House of Lords delivers boost for patent owners in Conor v Angiotech; judgment brings UK closer to EPO: (IAM), (, (Patent Baristas), (Managing Intellectual Property), (Rouse & Co International)


Global – General

Modalities drafted for WTO GIs, biodiversity amendment: (Intellectual Property Watch), (Intellectual Property Watch),

Using social psychology to win your next IP negotiation: (The IP ADR Blog),

Negotiating by email? Think again!: (The IP ADR Blog),

ACTA plans do not include iPod frisking: (Out-Law),

Europe may put ACTA back on faster track: (Intellectual Property Watch),

USTR posts ACTA submissions: (Michael Geist), (Vol 1 – IP Justice), (Vol 2 – IP Justice), (Vol 3 – IP Justice), (Vol 4 – IP Justice),

G8 on IP: (IPKat),

IP: A means to an access and benefit-sharing end?: (Intellectual Property Watch),

IP – take it to the bank: seminar covering valuing intellectual assets and using them to leverage financing: (IP finance)

What’s risk got to do with it? – Considering settlement: Cognitive biases when conducting risk analysis: (The IP ADR Blog),

WIPO enriched by in-depth discussions of the public domain: (KEI),

WIPO Committee on Development and IP ends first year on mostly agreeable note: (Intellectual Property Watch),

Implementation of WIPO Committee on Development and IP agenda moves forward: (WIPO), (Intellectual Property Watch), (Managing Intellectual Property),

WIPO Committee on Development and IP deliberations on norm-setting, open source and creative commons: (KEI),

Draft Chair’s summary of WIPO Committee on Development and IP: (Intellectual Property Watch)

Global – Trade Marks / Domain Names / Brands

ICANN go-ahead on gTLDs with ‘string criteria’ of ‘morality and public order’: (IP Justice),

Advocates say geographical indications will benefit developing nations: (Intellectual Property Watch)

Global – Patents

Patent arms race: (IP Thinktank),

‘Triway’ USPTO, EPO, JPO patent work-sharing pilot starts 28 July: (IP Updates), (Patent Docs), (Patent Prospector), (EPO), (Innovationpartners), (IP Law360),

Panel: IP rights in standards impede competition, disadvantage developing countries: (Intellectual Property Watch), (IP Justice),

If you have to ask your patent attorney what your company’s patent strategy is, you don’t have one: (Patent (IP) Business Strategy Blog),

WIPO hosts symposium on IP and multilateral environmental agreements: (WIPO)

Global – Copyright

Copyright strategy – protecting functionality?: (IP Thinktank),

WIPO event addresses tensions of librarians and publishes in digital archiving: (Intellectual Property Watch), (Electronic Frontier Foundation), (Ars Technica),

WIPO and SERCI examine economic aspects of copyright: (WIPO)


21-23 July: EU ATRIP meeting on future of European patent system – Munich: (IPR-Helpdesk),

24-25 July / 11-12 August: US PLI: ‘Advanced patent prosecution workshop 2008: Claim drafting & amendment writing’: New York / San Francisco: (Patent Docs),

30-31 July: IACCM ‘ask the expert’ call; Duncan Bucknell leading discussion on IP strategy: (IP ThinkTank),

6 August 2008: Managing IP web seminar ‘Internet liberalisation: opportunities and challenges for IP owners’: (Managing Intellectual Property),

8-9 August: USPTO’s 13th annual independent inventors conference – Alexandria: (Anticipate This!), (Daily Dose of IP),

11-12 September: US LSI: 4th annual conference on ‘Current issues in complex IP licensing’ – Philadelphia: (Patent Docs),

11 September/15 October: PLI seminar on developments in pharmaceutical and biotech patent law – New York/San Francisco: (Patent Docs),

15-16 September: UniForum & SAIIPL domain name ADR workshop – Centurion (South Africa): (Afro-IP),

15-16 September: US ACI 10th advanced forum on biotech patents – Boston: (Generic Pharmaceuticals & IP), (Patent Docs),

16-19 September: 22nd MARQUES annual conference – Noordwijk: (IPKat),

21-23 September: Intellectual Property Owners Association 2008 annual meeting – San Diego: (Patent Docs),

22-23 September: US: ACI FDA boot camp conference – Boston: (Patent Docs),

22-23 September: ACI USPTO boot camp: patent edition conference – Alexandria: (Patent Docs),

22-23 September / 6-7 October / 23-24 October / 10-11 November / 17-18 November – PLI patent litigation 2008 seminar – San Francisco / McLean / Chicago / Atlanta / New York: (Patent Docs),

23 September: CLT 3rd annual IP law and the fashion industry conference – London: (CLT),

24 September: 2008 INTA/WIPO international forum on trade marks and industrial designs – Brussels: (INTA),

1-3 October: University of Helsinki ‘One right system for IP – vision impossible’: (IPKat),

7-8 October: ACI global patent litigation conference – New York: (Patent Docs),

15-16 October: ACI 9th annual maximising pharmaceutical patent life cycles – New York: (Patent Baristas), (Patent Docs),

15-16 October: Center for Business Intelligence pharmaceutical congress on paragraph IV disputes – Philadelphia: (Philip Brooks),

23-24 October 2008: WIPO advanced workshop on domain name dispute resolution – Geneva: (WIPO),

23-28 October: EPO patent information conference – Stockholm: (EPO),

30 October 2008: IBC Informa seminar on intangible assets: maximising shareholder value – London: (IIR),

30-31 October 2008: Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys annual congress – London: (CIPA),

19-20 November: ACI conference on business methods patents – New York: (Patent Baristas),

26 November: CLT conference on copying without infringing – London: (IPKat),

4-5 December 2008: 3rd pan-European IP Summit – Brussels: (Brussels IP Summit)

Pharma & Biotech

Pharma & Biotech – General

Generics at the gate – How quickly does generic drug competition eat into sales of the brand drug?: (GenericsWeb),

Eularis analyses most effective generics defence strategies with new pharmaceutical industry report: (GenericsWeb),

WIPO symposium to discuss life sciences multilateral environmental agreements: (Daily Dose of IP),

Daiichi Sankyo and Ranbaxy confirm deal is binding and final, allay market rumour and speculation: (SmartBrief),

Daiichi Ranbaxy takeover and the implications for the future of IP: (Spicy IP),

Europe: Cancer Research Therapeutics’ RNAi patent revoked by EPO: (Patent Docs),

Europe: IP policy in innovative medicines initiative actions: (IPR-Helpdesk),

India: Latha Jishnu on the mysterious Indian Bayh Dole Bill: (Spicy IP),

India: Will it be raining patent litigation in India?: (Patent Circle),

Tanzania to conduct study on impact of counterfeit medicines: (Afro-IP),

US: New rules on generic biological medicines under US Congressional debate: (Intellectual Property Watch),

Pharma & Biotech – Products

Acular (Ketorolac) – US: CAFC rules against Apotex reverse doctrine of equivalents: Roche Palo Alto & Allergan, Inc v Apotex: (Patent Circle),

Carbatrol (Carbamazapine) – US: Federal judge allows Corepharma to seek DJ that its application to make generic Carbatrol does not infringe Shire Laboratories’ patent, even though Shire agreed not to sue over that patent: (IP Law360),

Carbatrol (Carbamazapine) – US: Shires sues two more drug makers over Carbatrol – Nostrum and Apotex: (GenericsWeb),

Copaxone (Glatiramer acetate) – US: Teva announces intention to file patent infringement suit against Momenta/Sandoz over generic Copaxone ANDA: Momenta, Novartis challenge Teva’s Copaxone patent: (Philip Brooks), (The IP Factor), (SmartBrief), (Philip Brooks), (Patent Circle),

Crestor (Rosuvastatin) – US: AstraZeneca sues Teva Pharmaceuticals over Crestor patent, marking the ninth lawsuit since December to be filed over the drug: (IP Law360),

Depakote (Valproate semisodium) – Abbott Laboratories files patent suit against Dr Reddy’s Laboratories to bar it from manufacturing generic Depakote: (IP Law360), (Patent Circle),

Effexor (Venlafaxine) – US: Wyeth and Impax announces final settlement of Effexor XR patent suit: (SmartBrief), (SmartBrief), (IP Law360),

Fosamax (Alendronate), Nexium (Esomaprazole) – India: Cipla beats s3(d) to obtain patents for modified Nexium, and Fosamax: (International Law Office),

Fosamax (Alendronate) – US: CAFC rules Apote&xrsquo; Fosamax appeal moot (not Article III controversy): Merck & Co v Apotex (nonprecedential): (IP Law360), (Orange Book Blog), (Patent Docs), (GenericsWeb), (Patently-O),

Neupogen (Filgrastim) – Insmed announces its INS-19 recombinant human G-CSF bioequivalent to Amgen’s Neupogen; FDA likely to wait for biogeneric pathway before approving drug: (Patent Docs), (GenericsWeb),

Plavix (Clopidogrel) – Germany: Difficult to predict when generic Plavix can be launched in Germany after suspended approval: (GenericsWeb), (IP Law360),

Prilosec OTC (Omeprazole), Symbicort (Budesonide)  – US: AstraZeneca cries foul over PTE application timeliness calculation method: (FDA Law Blog),

Seroquel (Quetiapine) – US: AstraZeneca wins Seroquel patent case on summary judgment; Teva and Sandoz to appeal: (Orange Book Blog),

SoloStar – US: Oral arguments heard in Novo Nordisk’s patent infringement case against Sanofi-Aventis over its SoloStar insulin delivery pen: (Patent Appeal Tracer),

Strattera (Atomoxetine) – US: Eli Lilly Straterra patent litigation down to 7 defendants; Glenmark dismissed from case: (Patent Docs),

Tarceva (Erlotinib) – India: Roche and Pfizer win right to hearing to oppose Natco’s applications to export generic Tarceva using compulsory licence: (Managing Intellectual Property),

Valcyte (Valganciclovir) – India: Cipla, Roche may now spar over Valcyte – Cipla soon to launch cheaper generic version of Roche’s Valcyte: (Spicy IP),

Valcyte (Valganciclovir) – US: Lawsuit brought by Roche Palo Alto against Ranbaxy Laboratories over patent related to Valcyte can go to trial: (IP Law360),

VelociGene/VelocImmune – Cellectis and Regeneron resolve licensing dispute over patents relating to process for specific replacement of genes by homologous recombination: (Patent Docs)


Initiative aimed at boosting knowledge and technology-based legislation in Africa: (Intellectual Property Watch),

New copyright body for southern and eastern Africa – SEACONET: (IP Kenya), (Afro-IP), (Intellectual Property Watch)


Book launch – ‘Measured Success, Innovation Management in Australia’: (IPRoo),

Trade Marks Manual of Practice and Procedure – Revision of Part 3: (IPRoo),

Evidence in opposition not evidence on appeal: Sherman v Commissioner of Patents: (Australia & New Zealand Intellectual Property Law),

Reiss Holdings – Late evidence and the removal of trade marks: Network Clothing Company v Reiss Holdings Ltd: (IPRoo),

Hearing Officer finds AVANTI does not look like VIVENTE: Sheppard Industries Ltd v Gemini Bicycle Centres Pty Ltd: (IPRoo),

Attempt to register mash-up name GOOGLEBAY as a trade mark fails: Google, Inc v Dmitri Rytsk: (Australian Trade Marks Law Blog),

Smart Home Solutions – a failure to distinguish mark from services: Complete Technology Integrations Pty Ltd v Smart Home Solutions Pty Ltd: (IPRoo),

Commonwealth Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research publish ‘Intellectual property scorecard 2002-2006’: (IPwar’s),

E & J Gallo fail in action against Lion Nathan alleging BAREFOOT RADLER for beer infringed Gallo’s registration for BAREFOOT for wine: (IPwar’s),

Copying tests lands teacher in trouble: Boyapati v Rockefeller Management Corporation: (Australia & New Zealand Intellectual Property Law),

Limited time to initiate trade mark infringement proceedings after Customs seizure: Jamella Australia Pty Ltd v MacKinnon: (Australia & New Zealand Intellectual Property Law)



InBev buys Anheuser-Busch – impact on ‘Budweiser’ trade mark dispute?: (Class 46), (IAM)


NRC adopts open access self-archiving policy: (Michael Geist),

Damages for counterfeit goods – another significant award: Louis Vuitton Malletier SA v 486353 BC Ltd: (Canadian Trademark Blog),

Bill C-61 opposition mounting in local ridings: (Michael Geist),

Globe and Appropos exhibit demonstrates negative effects of C-61 on appropriation artists: (Michael Geist),

61 reforms to C-61: (Day 15: TPMs – no exception for cell phones – Michael Geist), (Day 16: TPMs- no exception for fair dealing – Michael Geist), (Day 17: TPMs – no exception court cases, laws and government documents – Michael Geist), (Day 18: TPMs – no exception for personal uses – Michael Geist), (Day 19: No exception for digital archiving – Michael Geist)

NDP pledges to make copyright a by-election issue: (Michael Geist),

Conservative MP Bruce Stanton to hold town hall meeting on C-61: (Michael Geist),

Quebec Court issues permanent injunction against Quebec Torrent: (Michael Geist), (,

Canadian copyright reform: Bill C-61: (IP Law360),

Louis Vuitton awarded record-setting damages against counterfeiters: Louis Vuitton Malletier SA v 486353 BC Ltd: (International Law Office)


Face saving cultures don’t like to make an apology – apologies in Chinese IP law as a remedy: (IP Dragon),



EPO: First feedback on applicants’ behaviour under EPC2000: (IPR-Helpdesk),

More mixed messages from the European Commission – IP and competition: (IAM),

European Commissioner for Competition Policy Neelie Kroes speech ‘Being open about standards’: (IPKat)

EU regulators order 24 music societies to modify or ditch agreements barring sales or broadcasting of music across borders: (Ars Technica), (IP Law360),

Christophe Geiger elected Director of Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Industrielle: (Class 46),

Flurry of copyright, interoperability policy activity at EU: (Intellectual Property Watch),

EU Commission adopts proposal to extend copyright protection to performing artists from 50 to 95 years: (IPKat), (Out-Law), (IP Law360), (Patry Copyright Blog), (IPEG), (Techdirt), (Techdirt),

ECJ AG Sharpton says poem list infringed database right: Directmedia Publishing v Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg: (Out-Law)

CFI rejects MOZART for chocolate on grounds of descriptiveness: Paul Reber GmbH v OHIM: (The IP Factor)


Appellate court upholds fine of  €50,000 per day for as long as eBay allows sales of several LVMH perfume brands on top of €38.6M already awarded to LVMH: (Counterfeit Chic)


P2P leecher targeted in Germany for making files available: (Ars Technica),

Frankfurt’s Higher Regional Court says Wi-Fi providers not liable for others’ infringements: (Out-Law),

Spreewaldverein considering application for GI protection for ‘Spreewälder Gurkensülze’(‘Spreewald cucumber aspic’): (Class 46)


Hollywood strikes back… the wrong way – Hollywood movie lifts part of Bollywood soundtrack: (Spicy IP),

Crafting the national IP policy: Will the Tiger learn from the Dragon?: (Spicy IP)

Patent examiner blooper: Times Group issues a clarification: (Spicy IP),

Outsourcing patent searches to India: (Innovationpartners),

WIPO pressures India to join Internet Treaties: (Michael Geist), (Spicy IP),

An IP exchange in India: (Spicy IP),

Bajaj studying if Royal Enfield’s motor bike violates their twin-spark technology: (Spicy IP),

Evolving copyright law: ‘Sweat of the brow’ may be of the past: Reckeweg v Adven Biotech: (Spicy IP),

‘Publicity rights’ – rescuing celebrity domain names: (Spicy IP),

Patented… music? – music therapy: (Spicy IP),

Super Cassettes and Phonographic Performance seek review of Supreme Court judgment in Entertainment Network (India) Limited v Super Cassettes compulsory copyright licensing case: (Spicy IP),

Kerala becomes first Indian state to issue IP policy: (Managing Intellectual Property)


Tel Aviv District Court refuses to grant injunction to UK Premier League to prevent illicit webcasting of football matches; refers question to Legal advisor to government for guidance : (The IP Factor)


Introduction of prior art search and substantive examination: (IP Menu News)


Procedural cost in Dutch trade mark proceedings: a new Dutch perspective: (Class 46)


Court of Appeal completely reverses decision that sentenced ‘Jollibee’ trade mark infringer to two years in prison: (Managing Intellectual Property)

South Africa

South Africa reducing incentives for IP outflows: (IP finance),

Ex-employee plans copyright action against Vodacom alleging inadequate compensation for development of ‘please call me’ text service: (Afro-IP),

Holographic tags for 2010 World Cup merchandise: (Afro-IP)


Danone v Wahaha – in it for the long haul: Swedish arbitration tribunal rejects Group Danone’s requests for interim measures against estranged venture partner Hangzhou Wahaha Group: (China Hearsay)


WIPO: Switzerland designations – new fees from 3 September 2008: (Class 46)

United Arab Emirates

Brand Protection Group’s MOU for the UAE… and South African Development Community consult: (Afro-IP)

United Kingdom

UK law firm, Davenport Lyons, tries suing as many people as possible for file-sharing: (Techdirt),

House of Lords delivers boost for patent owners in Conor v Angiotech; judgment brings UK closer to EPO: (IAM), (, (Patent Baristas), (Managing Intellectual Property), (Rouse & Co International)


United States

US General

Senate hearing on ‘International enforcement of IP rights and American competitiveness’: (Public Knowledge),

Protecting your creative ideas when submitting them to a third party: (Law on the Row)

US Patent Reform

Wall Street Journal: Current patent system suppresses innovation: (Patent Docs), (IAM), (GenericsWeb),

Richard Baker announces Congressional bid: (Patently-O),

Anonymous attack against Obama on patent policy: (Hal Wegner)

US Patents

In the rear view mirror – the reverse doctrine of equivalents: (IP Directions),

When the best defence is a good offence: (IP Law360),

An applicant knows more about their invention than an examiner – USPTO Director Jon Dudas: (Patentably Defined),

USPTO Official Gazette: Shortened examination times for submitted applications: (IP Updates),

Peer-to-patent program extends another year and expands to business methods: (IP Updates), (Patent Prospector), (Securing Innovation), (IP Law360),

New York Law School Center for Patent Innovations: (Securing Innovation),

Chief Judge James F Holderman and Halley Guren’s proposals in ‘The patent litigation predicament in the United States’: (Philip Brooks)

Two judges in as many days recuse themselves from presiding over ‘Troll Tracker’ libel case: (IP Law360),

Where are all the new rocket dockets?: (Philip Brooks),

Simultaneous invention obviousness defence: (IP Updates),

Post-KSR case law: The sky is not falling: (IP Law360),

Patent quality on the rise at the USPTO, says new research undertaken by Ocean Tomo: (IAM), (Patent Librarian’s Notebook), (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog),

ITC news: RK Rodgers named newest Administrative Law Judge; Paul Luckern named Chief Administrative Law Judge: (IP Updates),

New ITC 337 Regulations effective 6 August 2008: (IP Updates),

Rethinking the role of the ITC in patent cases – Colleen V Chien’s draft paper ‘Patently protectionist? An empirical analysis of patent cases at the International Trade Commission’: (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (Techdirt), (Ars Technica), (IP Updates), (Philip Brooks),

Prediction: The Pickens Plan for a green energy infrastructure will launch gold rush of patenting followed by rampant patent litigation: (IP Business Strategy Blog),

Can the USPTO handle the surge of going green?: (PLI),

Is cost accounting to blame for patent hoarding?: (Techdirt),

Patent litigation venues revisited: (Patent Appeal Tracer), (Chicago IP Litigation Blog),

Does 35 USC §102(f) mean what it says? – ‘A person shall be entitled to a patent unless…he did not himself invent the subject matter sought to be patented…’: (Patent Prospector),

Anti-patent FTC approves merger of Flow International Corp and OMAX Corp (with conditions) despite acknowledging that they ‘are each other closest competitors in the highly concentrated US market for water-jet-cutting systems’: (Patent Prospector), (IP Law360), (IP Updates)

US Copyright

American Library Association online tool to determine whether a copyrighted work is in the public domain: (Innovationpartners), (The Invent Blog), (,

NPR interview with Rebecca Tushnet on fan fiction and the Organisation for Transformative Works: (43(B)log),

If you block your P2P app from sharing files, are you still guilty of making files available?: (Techdirt)

Is putting every frame of a movie into a photo copyright infringement? Should it be?: (Techdirt),

American Bar Association creates Copyright Law Reform Task Force in anticipation of Congress concentrating more on copyright issues in coming months: (Managing Intellectual Property),

Bill now in Congress would afford fashion designers protection over entire appearance of their designs: (IP Law360),

Macrovision, a DRM company, releases one-sided study on DVD copying: (Techdirt)

US Trademarks

Should apologies be added to trade mark damages?: (Chicago IP Litigation Blog – see related post by IP Dragon under China)

US – Companies / Entities

Abbott Laboratories –  ByPass sues Abbott over vascular repair patent: (IP Law360),

Advanced Medical Optics – CAFC rules in Advanded Medical Optic’s favour in LASIK vision correction surgery patent case: Olivia N Serdarevic v Advanced Medical Optics, VISX, Stephen L Torkel and Francis A L’Esperance Jr MD: (IP Law360), (Patent Prospector), (Hal Wegner),

Apple – Apple files suit against Psystar alleging violation of shrick wrap licence, trade mark and copyright infringement: (The Gray Blog),

Associated Press – AP, Drudge Retort resolve copyright dispute as AP continues dialogue with bloggers: (The IP ADR Blog),

ATMI – ATMI and Praxair settle long-standing patent litigation over pressurised gas containers: (IP Law360),

Bad Company – The band Bad Company to reform for single performance to maintain trade mark in response to rumours of another band about to tour US under same name: (The IP Factor), (IP Spotlight),

Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp – 24 Hour Fitness USA files suits accusing Bally of illegally poaching top executive to gain access to array of trade secrets: (IP Law360),

Blizzard – Federal Court in Arizona finds that violators of any licensing terms of an EULA are liable for copyright infringement: MDY v Blizzard: (Public Knowledge), (Techdirt), (Electronic Frontier Foundation), (Patry Copyright Blog), (IP Law360),

Boler Co – Court rules commercially available products are discoverable in patent case brought by Boler against ArvinMeritor: (Chicago IP Litigation Blog),

Boston Scientific – CAFC remands stent patent case over ‘ambiguity’: G David Jang MD v Boston Scientific & SciMed Life Systems: (IP Law360), (Patent Prospector),

Boston Scientific – Judge partly reverses $250M verdict for Medtronic in catheter patent dispute with Boston Scientific: (IP Law360), (,

Channel Intelligence – Channel Intelligence sues numerous individuals and small companies offering wishlists: (TechCrunch), (Ars Technica),

Classic Media – Ninth Circuit rejects claim by Classic Media that transfer defeated Lassie copyright heirs’ termination rights: Classic Media v Winifred Mewborn: (Patry Copyright Blog), (IP Law360),

Comcast  Corp – Comcast settles voice messaging patent suit with Klausner Technologies: (IP Law360),

Comcast Cable Communications Corp – Comcast wins summary judgment in $590M patent infringement suit filed by Finisar: (IP Law360),

Cooper Technologies Co – CAFC focuses on definition of ‘original application’ as used in a 1999 law, in case in which Cooper sued USPTO for finding one of its patents invalid: (IP Law360),

Crocs – Crocs sues Skechers claiming its line of slip-on foam clogs infringe Crocs’ logo, trade dress and design patents: (IP Law360),

DeepNines – Jury awards DeepNines $18M finding McAfee infringed patent related to network security marked products with invalid patent: (IP Law360),

Dow Chemical Corp – Dow’s fine for ‘malicious’ patent suit against Mee Industries increased to $4.4M: (IP Law360),

eBay – Federal judge rules burden of policing eBay for counterfeits is Tiffany’s: (Ars Technica), (Technology & Marketing Law Blog), (Techdirt), (Counterfeit Chic), (Intellectual Property Law Blog), (The Trademark Blog), (IP Law360), (Electronic Frontier Foundation), (The Gray Blog), (Technology & Marketing Law Blog), (43(B)log), (Public Knowledge), (Out-Law), (Daily Dose of IP), (IP Updates), (IP Law360), (The Trademark Blog),

Flexsys – US ITC to investigate possible infringement of Flexsys patent relating to rubber antigradants by Sinorgchem, Shandong, Korea Kumho Petrochemical Co, Kumho Tire Co, and Kumho Tire USA: (Philip Brooks),

Gillet – Ninth Circuit upholds good faith defence to claim of malicious prosecution in patent infringement case, relies on patentee’s advice on counsel: Fisher Tools Co, Inc v Gillet Outillage: (IP Spotlight),

Google – Google accused of ad fraud by lawyer, Hal Levitte, over AdWords on parked domains: (Ars Technica),

Google – Google can anonymise data before producing to Viacom in copyright battle over infringing clips posted on YouTube: (Out-Law), (Techdirt), (Ars Technica), (Electronic Frontier Foundation), (Viacom letter to EEF re data privacy – Electronic Frontier Foundation), (IMPACT), (IP Law360),

Google – Judge stays Google toolbar patent case awaiting reexam of NetJumper Software’s patent: (IP Law360),

Healthport – Healthport loses patent claims, is enjoined from false advertising: Healthport v Tanita Corp: (Patent Appeal Tracer),

IBM – Ex-IBM employee pleads guilty to felony charge of stealing IBM’s trade secrets: (IP Law360), (Securing Innovation),

IBM – Implicit Networks sues IBM, Oracle, SAP, Adobe and others alleging infringement of application server technology patents: (IP Law360),

Icon Health – Court declines to enforcement settlement, dismisses patent infringement action: Icon Health v Keys Fitness: (Patent Appeal Tracer),

Kimberly-Clark – If I don’t win on claim 1, can I sue on claim 2?: Hemphill v Kimberly-Clark: (Patent Appeal Tracer),

Konami – Video game maker Konami claims Harmoni&xrsquo; ‘Rock Band’ game violates its virtual concert game patent: (Techdirt),

Kuney – CAFC leans on District Court to open sealed patent case: Kuney v Bean (BayState v Bower): (Patently-O),

Major League Soccer – Is MLS sending false DMCA takedown notices?: (Techdirt),

MASS Engineered Design – MASS Engineered motion to clarify construction opinion granted in patent case against Ergotron: (,

Mattel – Jury finds in favour of Barbie manufacturer Mattel in copyright dispute with Bratz doll maker MGA Entertainment: (IP Law360),

Microsoft – MAZ Technologies files patent infringement suit against Microsoft over file software encryption: (IP Law360),

Monster Cable – Monster Cable, Systemax settle patent dispute over packaging designs: (IP Law360),

Muniauction – CAFC overturns $84.6M patent infringement ruling against Thomson Reuters; Muniauction’s web-based implementation deemed obvious; no ‘joint infringement’ without proof of vicarious liability: (IP Updates), (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (Hal Wegner), (IP Law360), (Patent Prospector), (Patently-O), (Patently-O),

Orion IP – settles Orion patent case over online sales methods: (IP Law360),

Payless ShoeSource – American Eagle wins preliminary injunction in trade mark suit against Payless over the discount shoe chain’s American Eagle line of shoes and bags: (IP Law360),

Payless ShoeSource – Collective Brands, the holding company of Payless ShoeSource to pay K-Swiss $30M following claims of infringement of K-Swiss’ five-stripe logo: (Managing Intellectual Property),

Qualcomm – Riverbed Technology’s motion for summary judgment denied in data protection patent suit against Qualcomm: (IP Law360),

Rambus – Federal judge denies defendants requests for judgment of noninfringement based on claim construction in Rambus ongoing DRAM patent battle against Samsung, Hynix Semiconductor and others: (IP Law360),

Rambus – Rambus files suit against NVIDIA alleging variety of patent violations in connection with their chipsets and graphic chips; NVIDIA files lawsuit against Rambus alleging anti-competitive conduct in setting memory chip standards: (Ars Technica), (Patent Prospector), (IP Law360), (IP Law360),

Realtek – Realtek will pay 3Com $70M to end suit over network interface card patents: (IP Law360),

Red Hat – Red Hat publishes details of object-relational database mapping patent litigation settlement with Firestar: (Ars Technica),

RIAA – Final RIAA/Jamie Thomas briefs in; new trial decision looms: (Ars Technica),

SCO – SCO ordered to pay Novell $2.5M Unix royalties: (Out-Law), (Techdirt),

Sears Roebuck & Co – Plastic wishbone maker Lucky Break Wishbone Corp prevails in copyright case against Sears and Young & Rubicam: (IP Law360),

Seiko Epson Corp – Judge finds Seiko Epson did not infringe one patent for multimedia projector technology, although several other patents remain in dispute in ongoing litigation with Coretronic and Optoma Technology: (IP Law360),

Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP – Judge dismisses Aprius’ motion to disqualify TTC from representing plaintiff Frank Shum in optoelectronics patent dispute with Jean-Marc Verdiell and Intel Corp following TTC’s resolution of conflict of interest: (IP Law360),

Uniden – Trontech, Uniden and PhoneTel settle patent infringement claims over patents for digital answering machines: (IP Law360),

Varian Medical Systems– Both parties have appealed from Judge Arthur J Schwab’s final order dismissing University of Pittsburgh’s patent infringement case against Varian –with prejudice – for lack of standing: (Patent Appeal Tracer),

Variant – Variant sues MAACO Enterprises, America’s Contacts & Eyeglasses and other online retailers for using websites that allegedly infringe a patent for communication link between remote facilities: (IP Law360),

Wal-Mart – Attorney’s fees denied to prevailing defendants Ramones band members, Wal-Mart and Realnetworks in copyright case with Richard Reinhardt (pka Richie Ramone): (Patry Copyright Blog),

Walt Disney Co – Oklahoma race car driver sues Disney and Pixar over alleged misappropriation of his likeness for animated film ‘Cars’: (IP Law360),

Walt Disney World – D & M Chaveco sued over costumes resembling Disney characters in their party store: (Techdirt),

Washington Redskins – Federal judge rules in favour of Redskins allowing the football team to continue using trade marks that American Indian group say are racially offensive: (IP Law360),

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises – Eleventh Circuit considers fair use and laches in copyright case Peter Letterese & Assoc v World Institute of Scientology Enterprises: (Patry Copyright Blog)

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