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IP and the planet – save your logo looks good

These logo’s don’t themselves need saving, but the animals they depict often do.

Corporates the world over rely on images and words associated with the natural world for their brands.  There’s LaCoste, Puma, Peugeot, Jaguar, Maaf, and Esso to name a few.  It’s not unusual for these to be endangered or threatened species.

As they mention on their site, ‘the principle of Save Your Logo is simple – Save Your Logo creates an opportunity for companies represented by a plant or animal in their logo to contribute to the conservation of that species’.

Strategically, this is a great move because of the kudos and good feelings that will be generated around the brand.  From an intellectual property strategy perspective it also makes a great deal of sense.  You get to push the geographical and sensibility boundaries around your brand and therefore increase its value as well as its enforceability.  Not that that’s the best reason to be participating in this. 

The best reason is simple – because you get a really clever way of giving back to the global community.

Lacoste and Maaf have already signed up.

Who’s next?


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