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Intellectual Property Nirvana

If you could design the perfect intellectual property system, how would it work?

  1. Would it allow free online content to all?  How would it reward creativity?
  2. Would it allow free medicines to all?  How would it reward research and development?
  3. Would it eliminate counterfeiting?  How would you know?
  4. Would you simply do away with intellectual property altogether? 

The truth is, you can’t design the perfect intellectual property system.

No one can.

What you can do is understand how it works, where it can improve, think and plan strategically, act and iterate.

That doesn’t mean you should not generate and participate in public debate about how the intellectual property system should evolve.

(And contrary to the views of some recent commentors on this blog, I do believe it needs to continue to evolve to continue creating value.)

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