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Fail to Lead (No. 50 in our list of IP mistakes)

Over the weekend I collected and read all the posts that I have written in my two years with Think IP Strategy straight through to pick out the common threads.  In doing so one element popped out at me, and I include it here within our list of mistakes.  This is the failure to lead.  

The IP legal profession tends to attract a fairly conservative lot.  That has made industry transformation into a more dynamic profession painfully slow.  On the whole there is a lot of talk about making changes in IP and using it as a dynamic and strategic business tool.  It has been mostly just talk.

For many enterprises the IP function is doing its job of protecting IP and delivering value from the asset.  For many others it is not.  Any leader in IP has a responsibility to recognize when his IP function is not performing to its potential.  That leader then needs to have the wisdom to make the changes for higher levels of performance.  He also needs to have the courage to implement those changes.  You know what I’m saying?

It is a mistake not to do what you know you should do.

(This is number 50 in our list of IP mistakes and how to avoid them.)

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