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Cows, Pace and IP Strategy

Here’s a photo from my most recent trip to India a couple of weeks ago.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how fast you’d like to go, you just have to wait.

The current economic environment provides a tough but striking example of this as many companies shelve or put on hold growth and more risky strategies.

Strategically, then what should you do in relation to intellectual property during these periods?

Here are a few suggestions, please add your thoughts:

1 – Reflect on how you can optimise your current intellectual property strategy for the new circumstances, and more importantly, for the circumstances that lay ahead.

2 – Prepare (as best you can) for those circumstances.

3 – Focus on your core IP Strengths and how to continue to leverage them.

(4 – Enjoy the (short) break – it probably won’t last…)


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