China Update 28 May 2011 from IP Think Tank / 中国知识产权动向,2011年5月28日 来自IP Think Tank

Here is Think IP Strategy’s weekly selection of China-focused intellectual property news as well as some of the biggest news from around the globe breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

以下是Think IP Strategy发布的每周中国知识产权动态以及本周国际上发生的重要的知识产权新闻。这些新闻来源于新闻网站和专业人士的博客圈。

Please join the discussion by adding your comments on any of these stories, and please do let us know if you think we’ve missed something important, or if there is a source you think should be monitored.



Highlights from around the globe/ 本周国际上的知识产权新闻:

USPTO expands first action interview pilot program / 美国专利商标局推广第一审查意见面询试行计划 (inovia) (Patent Docs) (IP Spotlight) (Inventive Step) (Patently-O)

US ITC report on China piracy shows billions in losses: Senators demand action / 美国国际贸易委员会报告显示,发生在中国的盗版活动倒置美国损失数十亿美元 (IP Watch) (IP Dragon)

Human rights trump design rights – District Court of The Hague lifts ex parte injunction against artist in Nadja Plesner v Louis Vuitton / 海牙地方法院对Najdja Plesner 诉Louis Vuitton一案作出缺席判决 (IPKat) (Class 99)

District Court Delaware grants TRO against Mylan’s generic Amrix, after finding patents invalid: In Re Cyclobenzaprine Hyldrochloride Extended-Release Capsule Patent Litigation / 特拉华地方法院在发现专利无效的情况下,对Mylan公司的仿制药Amrix发出临时禁令 (Orange Book Blog) (Patent Docs)

French ‘three strikes’ anti-piracy software riddled with flaws / 法国的“三打”反动版软件发现多处漏洞(ArsTechnica) (TorrentFreak)


General / 综合

Whitebook on IP Protection in 2010: Is white the new black? / 中国发布2010年知识产权保护状况白皮书 (IP Dragon)

An SME handbook for China. It’s really good and it’s free. / 新西兰发布中小企业中国展业手册 (China Law Blog)

Bridgestone v Bull – prior design defence in China / Bridgestone诉Bull一案,现有设计抗辩在中国 (Class 99)

Enforcement of foreign court judgments in China. / 外国法院判决在中国的执行 (China Law Blog)

China IP: Painters vs photographers / 中国知识产权:画家vs摄影师 (China Hearsay)


Patents / 专利

China launches International Patent Database / 中国启动国际专利数据库 (IP Dragon)

Korean Company registered prior to Intel and obtained patent of 3-D /思密达威武:韩国抢先Intel注册3-D晶体管专利 (Sohu News)


Trademarks / 商标

Yao Ming wants to reign supreme over Yao Ming era / 姚明一代引发的商标纠纷 (IP Dragon)

Reaction to Professor Navarro’s China bashing: We get what we paid for – counterfeiting and importer responsibility / 回应Navarro教授的抨击:我们为仿冒和侵权付出了代价 (IP Dragon)

Puma filed lawsuit against 17 manufactures on counterfeit /彪马状告合肥17商家 假冒侵权商品致其销量下滑 (Sohu News)


Copyright / 著作权

China IP: Painters vs photographers / 中国知识产权:画家vs摄影师 (China Hearsay)

KTV vs Music Copyright  Committee: disputes on royalty/深圳KTV版权再起纷争 音著协索赔8万元 ( News)

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