China Update 25 June 2011 from IP Think Tank / 中国知识产权动向,2011年6月25日 来自IP Think Tank

Here is Think IP Strategy’s weekly selection of China-focused intellectual property news as well as some of the biggest news from around the globe breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

以下是Think IP Strategy发布的每周中国知识产权动态以及本周国际上发生的重要的知识产权新闻。这些新闻来源于新闻网站和专业人士的博客圈。

Please join the discussion by adding your comments on any of these stories, and please do let us know if you think we’ve missed something important, or if there is a source you think should be monitored.


Highlights from around the globe/ 本周国际上的知识产权新闻:

The UK Patent Box – more details, not necessarily much more clarification / 关于英国专利税率措施(专利盒)的细节 (IP finance) (IP finance) (Solo IP) (IP finance) (Intellectual Property Tax)

TTAB Precedential No. 14: Applying collateral estoppel to the ownership issue, TTAB enters summary judgment in “WINNIE THE POOH” trademark dispute: Stephen Slesinger Inc. v. Disney Enterprises Inc. / 美国商标审理与上诉委员会确认迪士尼关于Pooh商标的权利 (TTABlog) (Patent Arcade) (Property, intangible)

US Supreme Court to revisit patentable subject matter eligibility of medical diagnostic methods:  Mayo v Prometheus / 美国最高法院对医疗诊断方法的专利客体的适格性进行重述 (Patently-O) (Patent Baristas) (PharmaPatents) (IPBiz) (Patent Law Practice Center)

Baytril (Enrofloxacin) – US: In a rare move, District Court extends 30-month stay on FDA ANADA approval: Bayer Healthcare v Norbrook / 拜耳公司诉Norbrook公司一案中,美国法院罕见地对美国食品药品管理局的批准延期30个月 (FDA Law Blog)

Europe seizure of generic drugs: Lilly settles with Indian generics / Eli Lilly与印度仿制商达成和解协议 (Generic Pharmaceuticals and IP)

ICANN approves plan to vastly expand top-level domains /国际互联网域名及代码分配合作中心批准新计划,大力扩展一级域名 (ArsTechnica) (Class 46) (ipwars) (IP Watch) (IP Whiteboard) (IPKat)

2nd Circuit Court of Appeals finds ‘hot news’ misappropriation claim pre-empted by Copyright Act: Barclay’s Capital, Inc v / Barclay’s Capital公司诉TheFlyontheWall.com公司一案有新进展,联邦上诉法院发现版权法案规定的先占权利请求被滥用 (Copyright Litigation Blog) (Info/Law) (Against Monopoly)

General / 综合

Costa Rica approves Free Trade Agreement with China / 哥斯达黎加与中国达成自由贸易协定 (China Law Blog)

Prison terms for Foxconn iPad2 leakers. Any special treatment here? / 富士康员工iPad2泄密案件新进展,泄密员工被判入狱 (China Hearsay) (IPKat)

Patents / 专利

Lessons learned from technology transfer and essential IP in China/HK / 从技术转移看专利战略的重要性 (Part I – IP Dragon) (Part II – IP Dragon) (Part III – IP Dragon)

Apple Inc. and Samsung are in negotiation on patent infringement disputes /苹果和三星高管就专利权纠纷进行谈判 ( News)

Trademarks / 商标

Trademark of Angry Bird was preregistered by Chinese companies/ 愤怒小鸟商标在服装类被抢注 (News from

China held 7th Two-Year Forum of Trademark / 第七届国际商标标志双年奖颁奖会暨论坛圆满结束 ( News)

Copyright / 著作权

A brief review on Digital Copyright Protection in China / 从百度文库事件看网络版权保护 (IP Think Tank)

Nokia settles with Apple Inc on patent infringement claims and App Inc. is likely to pay huge copyright fee to Nokia / 诺基亚与苹果达成和解协议,苹果将支付数亿美元的版权费 (

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