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China Update 21 January 2012 from IP Think Tank / 中国知识产权动向,2012年1月21日来自IP Think Tank

Here is Think IP Strategy’s weekly selection of China-focused intellectual property news as well as some of the biggest news from around the globe breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

以下是Think IP Strategy发布的每周中国知识产权动态以及本周国际上发生的重要的知识产权新闻。这些新闻来源于新闻网站和专业人士的博客圈。

Please join the discussion by adding your comments on any of these stories, and please do let us know if you think we’ve missed something important, or if there is a source you think should be monitored.



Highlights from around the globe/ 本周国际上的知识产权新闻:

UK: EWHC (Pat): “Obvious to try” is obviously not obvious: Omnipharm v Merial /英国专利法院对Ommipharm诉Merial一案作出判决 (IPKat) (EPLAW)

US: Federal Circuit limits courts’ ability to consider validity of claims not actually asserted against defendant: Streck v Research & Diagnostic Systems /美国联邦法院对法院权力作出限制,非明确针对被告的诉讼请求,法院不得对其效力作出判断(PatLit) (Patently-O)

January 18: Internet-wide protests against the blacklist legislation / 一月十八日:全民抗议“黑名单法案” (EFF) (EFF) (EFF) (IP Watch) (Out-Law) (Silicon Valley IP Licensing Law Blog) (Silicon Valley Software Law Blog) (Ars Technica) (Ars Technica) (TorrentFreak) (Michael Geist)

UK court allows extradition of alleged copyright criminal / 英国法院同意对版权侵权刑事罪犯进行引渡 (Patentology) (The 1709 Blog) (The 1709 Blog) (IPKat) ( (Out-Law) (Ars Technica) (TorrentFreak)

Apple attacks 15 Samsung products with new German design lawsuits: will they ever settle this part of their dispute? / 苹果对三星的15项产品发动新的攻击 (FOSS Patents) (Ars Technica)



General / 综合

Kodak: Industry giant needs innovation to sustain its development / 柯达启示:百年老店更需“创新”  (CNIPR)

A review after 10 years of China’s Access to WTO  – Development in household appliance industry / 入世十周年——家电篇 (CNIPR)

Automotive industry in China: innovation and development / 汽车业:从收获创新到整装待发 (CNIPR)

12th Five Year Plan for biotech industry / “十二五”生物技术发展规划 (CNIPR)


Patents / 专利

A review on patentability of software / 软件专利让人难以忍受的那些事 (CNIPR)

Biotech patent: IP war caused by new medicine / 生物技术专利冷暖自知:新药品引发的法律鏖战 (CNIPR)

A review on application of integral observation principle of invalidation of industrial design / 从本田外观设计专利无效行政案看整体观察原则的适用 (CNIPR)


Trademarks / 商标

InIcon announces it will not manufacture or sell Steve Jobs figurines / InIcon 宣布停止制造销售乔布斯形象玩具 (IPKat)

Maotai, famous Chinese wine producer, purchases the trademark “Feitian” / 贵州茅台赎回“飞天”商标结束20年付费史 (CNIPR)

The administrative exam period of trademark shortened to 10 months / 我国商标申请审查周期缩至10个月 (CNIPR)


Copyright / 版权

A review on copyright war in cartoon industry in 2011 / 2011动漫版权盘点:版权战争打响行业规范洗牌 (CNIPR)

A review of typical copyright cases in 2011: new type of cases appear / 2011版权纠纷回顾:著作权案件出现新类型 (CNIPR)

A second copyright war among video websites operators / 第二次视频版权战争硝烟渐起 (CNIPR)

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