China Update 17 September 2011 from IP Think Tank / 中国知识产权动向,2011年9月17日 来自IP Think Tank

Here is Think IP Strategy’s weekly selection of China-focused intellectual property news as well as some of the biggest news from around the globe breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

以下是Think IP Strategy发布的每周中国知识产权动态以及本周国际上发生的重要的知识产权新闻。这些新闻来源于新闻网站和专业人士的博客圈。

Please join the discussion by adding your comments on any of these stories, and please do let us know if you think we’ve missed something important, or if there is a source you think should be monitored.



Highlights from around the globe/ 本周国际上的知识产权新闻:

Senate passes HR 1249 / 美国通过HR1249专利法案 (Intellectual Property Directions) (IPBiz) (Patent Docs) (IAM) (Patently-O) ( (Inventive Step) (Patents Post-Grant) (Maryland Intellectual Property Law Blog) (Patent Law Practice Center)

“Washington Declaration” demands return of public interest in IP rights / 华盛顿宣言要求知识产权保护与公众利益保持合理的平衡 (IP Watch) (Michael Geist) (1709 Copyright Blog) (TechnoLlama)

EU: Copyright term extension for sound recordings back on the agenda / 欧盟:重新讨论录音作品版权保护期限延长的问题 (1709 Copyright Blog) (IPKat) (Creative Commons) (Out-Law)

G 2/10 – EPO EBoA decides on disclaimers for disclosed embodiments / 欧洲专利局申诉委员会同意对发明实例的公开的免责(EPLAW) (IPKat) (Kluwer Patent Blog)

US Senators support inclusion of 12-year exclusivity period in Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement / 美国参议员支持 将12年数据保护期限包括在泛太平洋自由贸易协定框架中 (Patent Docs) (BIOtechNOW) (FDA Law Blog)

Nexavar (Sorafenib) – India: Anatomy of NATCO’s compulsory license application / 印度 -北美洲移植协调者组织接受印度的第一份强制许可申请 (Spicy IP) (IIPRD Blog)

Apple wins (again) in Germany: Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction upheld / 苹果在德国胜诉:三星Galaxy Tab 10.1的销售禁令得到法院判决支持 (FOSS Patents) (FOSS Patents) (Class 99)

“It was a dumb idea”: newspaper chain fires copyright troll Righthaven/ 媒体炮轰版权流氓Righthaven公司 (ArsTechnica) (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Hurt Locker lawsuits hit Canada, ISPs ordered to reveal BitTorrent users/ 电影《拆弹部队》在加拿大的诉讼进展:法院要求网络服务供应商对BT使用者的行为进行审查 (TorrentFreak) (ArsTechnica) (Excess Copyright) (Michael Geist)

District Court N D Texas: Lawyer fined for defying judge and sending subpoenas to ISPs: Mick Haig v Does 1-670 / 德克萨斯州地方法庭:律师因违反法庭的命令被判高额罚金 (TorrentFreak) (ArsTechnica) (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (Excess Copyright)


General / 综合

Patent approved and registered by EPO is ranked globally no. 1 in quality /欧洲专利局授权的专利质量全球第一 (

Interview with Raimund Lutz (deputy director of EPO) : international collaboration on patent /专访欧洲专利局副局长瑞蒙德·陆兹 (China IP Magazine)

UNESCO publishes open educational resource website in Chinese – WSIS/ 联合国教科文组织官方网站正式发布WSIS中文平台 (

Davos Forum: Is US model standard worldwide in IP protection? /达沃斯:知识产权保护,美国是惟一标准?(


Patents / 专利

What is the best mode for the best mode disclosure requirement? /什么是信息披露的最佳模式? (IP Dragon)

Google purchased more than 1000 patents from IBM for protection of Android /谷歌收购IBM专利保护Android (CCIDNET)

Annual patent infringement cases increases of 25% from 2006 / 2006年以来美国移动专利诉讼每年增加25% (

Apple applies 40 patents in China for protection against counterfeit /一口气申请40项专利,面对山寨苹果也HOLD不住 (


Trademarks / 商标

China, IP enforcement, trade fairs and trade marks /中国:知识产权实施,交易会和商标 (IPKat)

China solicits comments on amendment (draft) of Trademark Law of PRC/商标法修订草案公开征意见 (

China trademarks: Quantity of registrations by foreign companies greatly exceed those by Chinese companies / 外国在华商标申请量远超中国海外申请 (


Copyright / 版权

Google digital library: negotiation on copyright goes on / Google数字图书馆版权谈判继续进行 (

Reading on mobile and Ipad becomes popular in China, but its development is blocked due to copyright / 手机阅读悄然走红 利益分成掣肘市场发展 (

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