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China Update 12 March 2011 from IP Think Tank / 中国知识产权动向,2011年3月12日来自IP Think Tank

Here is Think IP Strategy’s weekly selection of China-focused intellectual property news as well as some of the biggest news from around the globe breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

以下是Think IP Strategy发布的每周中国知识产权动态以及本周国际上发生的重要的知识产权新闻。这些新闻来源于新闻网站和专业人士的博客圈。

Please join the discussion by adding your comments on any of these stories, and please do let us know if you think we’ve missed something important, or if there is a source you think should be monitored.


Highlights from around the globe/ 本周国际上的知识产权新闻:

Patent reform – first-to-invent vs first-to-file debate /专利改革——第一个发明人,还是第一个申请注册的发明人?  (Patentology) (Inventive Step) (IPBiz) (Patents Post Grant Blog) (Inventive Step) (Inventive Step) (Patently-O) (Patently-O) (Patently-O)

Supreme Court shuts another door on patent settlement agreement antitrust challenge – denies certiorari in Cipro case: Louisiana Wholesale Drug Co. v. Bayer AG /美国最高法院关闭了另一扇门:专利和解协议的不得违反“反垄断法”——最高法院否决了Cipro一案的复核令状:路易斯安那批发药品公司诉拜尔公司  (FDA Law Blog) (Patent Docs)

Melatonin – EWCA refers SPC questions to the ECJ: Neurim Pharmaceuticals (1991) Ltd v Comptroller General of Patents /英格兰和威尔士上诉法院就Neurim药物(1991)有限公司诉英国专利权、设计及商标局局长一案维持原判  (The SPC Blog) (The SPC Blog) (EPLAW) (IPKat)

General / 综合

The lizard’s weekly China news roundup – Silk Market fight against fakes, Intangible Cultural Heritage draft law review / Lizard每周中国新闻综述——非物质文化遗产法律草案评论 (IP Dragon)

China Daily defends Beijing’s Silk Market / 中国日报为维护北京丝绸市场而发表文章  (China Hearsay)

Cognac and Scotch Whisky obtain GI Protection in China / 干邑白兰地和苏格兰威士忌在中国获得地理商标保护  (China Law Insight)

Patents / 专利

China Unicom developed terminal operating system of mobile / “沃Phone”生于忧患联通推另类新规 (Ifeng Tech)

Trademarks / 商标

Cadbury argues in court against registration of “吉百利”(Cadbury in Chinese) for fertilizers /吉百利公司就“吉百利”在中国被注册为肥料商标而提起诉讼  (China Law Insight)

Jissbon’s trademark license head fake /杰士邦商标涉嫌欺诈一案的评论   (China Hearsay)

Zynga applied for trademark protection with European Union / Zynga向欧盟申请“ville”商标保护知识产权 (Tecent Tech News)

Copyright / 著作权 announces its support for users’ convention on copyright protection /优酷宣布支持用户自创内容条约 保护原创版权  ( Tech)

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