AltIP is an online, collaborative, month-long intensive course.  You will work in small groups and at times on your own to solve real problems that affect you and those you serve today.  I will be there every step of the way to support and coach you.
(I have been thinking about a program like this for about 20 years – see my LinkedIn profile for IP Strategy endorsements and blurbs etc.)
At the end you will have a deeper insight into the practical tools and decision points in IP Strategy.  You will know the IP Strategy history, current status and suggested future for your chosen study organisation.  (A consultant would charge tens of thousands of dollars for this work.  Use this to get funding assistance from your employer.)  You will know how to repeat this process or relevant parts of it, in other situations and for other organisations.
You will also have a broader network and you will be invited to stay involved in the online (Slack) community we will be using during the course.
It’s not full time – you can keep doing your day job, but its going to be a busy month.
At this stage I will run one course only.  This may change but I can’t guarantee it.
Applications will be reviewed and accepted on a first come, first served basis.
Apply now (deadline 7 March 2018).
Dates: The program will run between 2-30 April 2018.
Program cost: AU $8100 for twenty-eight days of intensive, collaborative, real-life and hands-on learning, at your convenience, from home or the office.
(By comparison, a single MBA subject takes 6 to 12 months and costs $4000 to $10,000.)
Approach to learning: We use carefully selected content, group discussions and hands on problem solving of real issues to help you learn about and experience IP Strategy at its best.
How do I apply? Fill out the form on our application landing page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
How does the schedule work?  We will release new materials and learning prompts twice each week.  You will have 2 days to prepare and submit a response.  You will review 3 responses from your cohort and 3 of your cohort will review yours.  On receiving responses from your cohort you will prepare a brief summary of your reflections on the module and submit it as well.  We space group conference calls throughout the week to match timezones and allow for discussion for each topic.  The online area in slack will be open 24/7 for you to post and respond to queries from your cohort.  I will be monitoring, commenting and coaching each student along the way.
How big is the intake? It will be small.  We will arrange collaborators into small groups of probably 5 students to work closely together.  There will be a larger group of participants that will collaborate across these groups online (for example, by reviewing each others work) and in conference calls.  I will let successful applicants know as soon as possible how this will look.
 Inspiration: Thank you Seth Godin and the team at AltMBA for the inspiration and a model to finally do something about this.
Apply now (deadline 7 March 2018).
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