Global branding & TM strategy

The client was a large, multinational corporation with external legal counsel reading like a ‘who’s who’ of top IP firms in the major jurisdictions. We were asked to take a step back and take a look at the overall intellectual property strategy as it applied to the company’s brands and their management across the globe.

The initial steps were predictably to gather relevant information and to fully understand what outputs from the review would be most commercially useful in light of the company’s business strategy. We had several meetings with key figures within the organisation one-on-one and in small groups to discuss issues and tease-out key aspects of the actual practices in place. These meetings were a great opportunity to explore current thinking and to understand potential roadblocks that might arise during the later implementation phase. With the client’s blessing, external IP Counsel were involved as needed along the way.

The result for the client was several strategic alterations which increased effectiveness of the overall strategy and management of its brands and trademarks. The new system has smoothed the way for the internal team and external counsel alike. Day to day management of brands and trade marks is left to the internal team and external counsel as usual and we continue to be called on from time to time as a sounding board.

(Photo credit: mag3737)

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