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A patent is a means to an end – get the latest from Robert

You cannot draft the perfect patent and expect it to deliver much value unless you know for sure what you have drafted it for.

The many legal and technical requirements associated with drafting enforceable patent claims can allow the “how to” part of the art of patenting to push aside the “what to” part of the art of patenting that gives patents meaning.

Robert Cantrell from our firm, and the author of Outpacing the Competition: Patent-Based Business Strategy, will be presenting the course Using Patents to Power Your Business Strategies on November 18th for Patent Resources Group.  This course focuses on what to do in patent strategy, and is particularly geared toward business professionals and attorneys with business responsibilities.

The course will take place live in Alexandria, VA and through video conference in Southfield, MI.  The focus of the course is how to leverage patents for business advantage.  We will discuss how to succeed, on your own terms, within contested intellectual property fields where other patent owners can be competitors, partners, and customers all at the same time.

Please join us on November 18th when we put patents into context with their business purpose.  Course details are available at the Patent Resources Group Web site.

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